First Blog Post EVER.


After living in New Zealand for about 3 weeks, I decided that blogging is something I wanted to start doing. This post might be kind of boring since it’s all the introductory fluff, but I feel that it is proper when starting a blog (but what do I know). I will be talking about a slice of who I am and why I am abroad. I guess I will start my introduction with the basics!

My name is Jessica Moffitt and I am currently a student teacher from the United States traveling abroad to New Zealand! My degree program offered a wonderful opportunity for me to fulfill a degree requirement, which is to do a split student teaching placement. Of course I had to snatch the chance and as I am sitting here, I don’t regret it one bit. I am having the experience of a lifetime! I had to pick between my top 2 choices: Australia or New Zealand. It was tough, but I did decide to go with New Zealand (not that I wouldn’t want to visit Australia! I will definitely go there during my lifetime!).

I decided to go to New Zealand for several reasons:

1. Reading Recovery was founded in New Zealand and I wanted to be in a place where a significant program was established.

2. Word of mouth: I’ve heard that New Zealand is absolutely breathtaking! As someone who especially travels for sightseeing, what I heard really appealed to me.

3. Hobbit…need I say more?

4. People generally speak English in New Zealand so it wouldn’t be much of a language barrier for me compared to if I decided to go somewhere where English wasn’t a prominent language.

I have been to some other countries and all over the U.S. but I anticipate going to other places.

Countries I’ve been to:

1. Korea

2. Japan

3. U.S.

I will break down my travels in a list form so it’s easier on the eyes:

Travel Goals:

1. Visit every state in the United States

2. Travel all of Southeast Asia and India

3. Eurotrip

4. Go to tropical islands such as Hawaii, Bahamas, Fiji, etc.

I would say these goals are totally attainable! Might take a while, but it’s a start! Of course I will be adding to this list as time goes on, but theseΒ travel goals are what I’m most interested in, having a twenty-something wanderlust mindset. Anyway, this is a little introduction of how I got here and who I am. I will be posting more about my time here in beautiful New Zealand. After all, I have three weeks worth of things to talk about! That’s all for now. Or as they say in New Zealand:




4 thoughts on “First Blog Post EVER.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and reply! I got really excited to see your comment, especially since it is the first one ever! From what I noticed in your blog, you have been to many places in New Zealand that I hope to visit! I will be posting more soon! Cheers.

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  1. So great that you get this chance to expand your horizons. Life’s to short not to. Enjoy EVERY moment and write about what’s important to you. No one can tell your life story better than yourself! Keep writing, and i’ll keep reading.

    Good luck to you, Jessica!

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