Day 2 – We Need a Seal Selfie

Hey there!

I am slowly finding time to continue these blogs and I worry that I will leave out parts about my trip as time goes on. I will do my best to keep up with it! Plus, there is a 3-day weekend coming up for me (ideal blogging time!). Also, just to note, whenever I say ‘we’ or ‘us’ or any other plural pronouns, I am talking about myself and my travel companion friend, Diana. I can’t speak for her, but while spending time together, we were on the same page on a lot of things (basically twinning hehe). Of course, when I state my own thoughts, I use first person pronouns. Hopefully that isn’t too confusing. Just wanted to clarify! Now, continuing on to Day 2!

Our first official sight-seeing destination: Kaikoura!
Our first official sight-seeing destination: Kaikoura!

To start, we woke up refreshed and ready to start our journey throughout the South Island of New Zealand. With our bags packed up, I already lost my first personal belonging…a pair of pajama pants (it wasn’t until later when I realized this). Valuable lesson of the day: double check your stuff! We put on our over-sized bags and waited patiently for our Kiwi Experience bus to arrive. Sitting in the front out of sheepishness (baa punny NZ joke), we got to know our bus driver pretty well. We loved our Kiwi bus driver Mangee! Alongside that, I was instantly fascinated by all the accents I heard around me. Clipboards went around regarding things to do wherever the destination was. Feeling pressured, we dipped out on the whale watching and dolphin swimming. I didn’t want to blow all of my money on the first activity, so an opt out it was. I hope to swim with dolphins someday and see some whales. I heard a ton of great things about both activities! Someday, someday! Anyway, the bus ride was short and we arrived at our first real destination: beautiful Kaikoura!

Woohoo! With one selfie stick, one trip to Kaikoura, and one cutie travel companion, you could get a nice photo like this one here!
Woohoo! With one selfie stick, one trip to Kaikoura, and one cutie travel companion, you could get a nice photo like this one here!

Not knowing what else to do, we decided to go for a little hike around Kaikoura. We made a stop at a local outdoor market in hopes of finding some cool souvenirs, food, and gifts. It was kind of a downer, but we did get a cheap $2 meal! Can’t complain about that! With so much daylight ahead of us, we continued hiking (or tramping as they call it in NZ) along the Kaikoura Seal Colony Walk. After almost getting lost, having some in depth conversations, and finding beautiful scenery all around us, we finally saw some seal. Er. Mer. Gerd. Like, a real life seal not in a zoo. We couldn’t resist–we had to take fan-crazed photos of wildlife in the raw. The seals we saw were large and very immobile.

Seal selfie.
Seal selfie.

“Are seals dangerous?” “We need a seal selfie.” “Oh my gosh, it’s moving.” “Let’s do this quick.” These are some things that came out of our mouths while being adventurous with a selfie stick (a wonderful investment I must say) and some seals. We did get some closer shots than this one after watching a couple take photos together. I still think seals can be very dangerous so I must say we’re kind of badass. CHECK.

Continuing along our hike we saw surreal sights. My eyes were so enticed with New Zealand’s beauty and I wanted to be able to capture as much as I could. Have a look below: 11165911_10205456021018226_2128725019_n 11180025_10205456020858222_143206676_n 11130546_10205456020938224_503548681_n 11136825_10205456021378235_1926092416_n

11160370_10205456021418236_1318700116_nTo end our day, we had some ice cream (which we couldn’t try samples for… “We’re much too small for that.”). Still had some delicious Mochaccino and chocolate flavors! πŸ™‚ Day 2 at Kaikoura was definitely worthwhile for sight-seeing, finding wildlife, a cheap $2 meal, bus ride, ice cream, and company. Even without the whale watching and dolphin swimming (although it would have been amazing), it was still a great day! More adventures to come soon!




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