Day 3 – Time Clock Perks


I hope you’ve been enjoying my posts so far! I know I’ve been having a grand time blogging! πŸ™‚ There are a few things I added to Day 2 that I just remembered, so be sure to check it out! Onto Day 3…!

11180143_10205478853949035_285480621_nNow, even though I spent a lot of time on a bus, I still had the privilege to feast my eyes on some very beautiful and surreal sights. I swear New Zealand has the bluest skies I have ever seen! No editing needed. Seriously. Anyways, we left Kaikoura and were on our way to Kaiteriteri! This is where we meet someone very significant on our journey! The night before was our first night in a rrrreaaallll hostel. We were bunked with I think 6 other girls! Everyone came from different places and had different accents. It was so fascinating to me! We got along with our new roomies and heard lots of great travel advice, as they had been traveling for quite some time. Only 1 out of 6 roommates was leaving on the bus with us. Wanting to be brave, we sat in the middle to see if we could make friends, but nobody was speaking English around us. And we realized that sitting in the middle made us kind of motion sick…

11158143_10205478854029037_1216003681_nWhen we arrived, the weather was off and on with being cloudy and sunny. We were in a room of 6 others but our new roomies weren’t very talkative or they spoke other languages. There was an awkward aura so we decided to go exploring. We noticed our friend from last night had gotten her own private room and we were able to catch her as she was unpacking in her room. She showed us her large bed, private bathroom, television, and fresh towels. Our hostel wasn’t looking so hot. After meeting whats-her-face again. (This is sad, but we couldn’t figure out her name for the life of us! What was it…Lisa? Philipa?!) We were hoping to see her name on a bag tag, but no luck. Our new, kind nameless friend offered us to shower in her private bathroom (MUCH better than the public ones!) and it was hard to turn down. We are such lucky girls!

11160256_10205478855069063_763526264_n 11173717_10205478855029062_203656692_nIn the meantime, we decided to explore this beachy place and sought out some hikes. We found a trail and did a nice hike until we realized how terrible our shoes were for it (oh God, and the bugs!). We would continue on tomorrow morning with a nice hike after catching the sunrise. Getting up early wasn’t going to be a problem anyway! Our time clocks were kicking in and we were awake comfortably at 4 or 5 am every day! This was funny though because we had been in New Zealand for over 2-3 weeks. We were adjusted at one point and then suddenly we weren’t. Well, we took it to our advantage because the next day we got up early to do some exploring.

Diana's creative idea! :)
Diana’s creative idea! πŸ™‚

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to see the sunrise because it was so cloudy. It was a huge disappointment, but we still had our hike and exploring to do. We had nobody to bother us and just pure nature surrounding us. We found some picturesque rock formations (kind of like a little cave) and real sand beneath our feet (we were at a rock beach yesterday–not so nice on the feet!). The air was nice, crisp, and it felt good to be moving around rather than sitting on a bus. Hikes are what we came for! πŸ™‚ Kaiteriteri’s beach is definitely easy on the eyes and I think it’s easy to tell why we fell in love with this place!

11160387_10205478854949060_412753020_n 11160383_10205478853909034_783580296_n11173679_10205486015048058_1667262709_nHow wonderful it would be to live near the ocean like this! We still had several hours of morning so we kept on. You might notice in the picture to the left, some black on the rocks. These are actually small sea creatures! They look like clams or mussels or something and they stick to these rocks VERY securely. I couldn’t take any of them off. So interesting to see how so many little guys make up that much surface!

11186291_10205478854229042_901661845_nMoving along, we saw a sign stating that dogs need to be on their leash and to avoid approaching penguins. PENGUINS. Diana LOVES penguins. We were going to find penguins. Determined to find Diana’s spirit animal, we kept walking along the beach until we couldn’t any more. Time clock perks of getting up early! Unfortunately, we didn’t see any penguins 😦 but it was still a nice hike! Here are a few more from the morning:

11186322_10205478854989061_413880792_n11169057_10205478854149040_776391183_nProductive morning I must say! Whew! Well, I kind of bled into Day 4, but we did a ton more on Day 4, so keep on reading and I’ll keep on posting! πŸ™‚




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