Day 8 – Reflections & Post Cards for Days

Hi again,

11225801_10205607603207686_1427487101_nThis post will be a tad shorter than the last few posts because we spent a LOT of time on a bus (with a few stops along the way). Sadly, our time at Franz Josef had to come to an end and back on the bus we went. To start out, we saw a sad attempt at turning around. Instead, this vehicle embarrassingly got stuck and required tractor assistance. Nice way to start the day, ay? Great for tourists to snap a few shots and later blog about it. πŸ˜›

11216349_10205607602967680_1071298120_n 11256421_10205607602887678_758010088_nEven though we spent so much time on a bus, there were definitely some beautiful sights along the way. I seriously cannot stop gabbing on and on about the beautiful sights of New Zealand! Especially the South Island. There are so many luscious green plants, clear and peaceful lakes, vast mountains, hidden glaciers, and the bluest skies. Pictures totally don’t do New Zealand justice. We also stopped at a place called Lake Matheson, also known as the reflection lake. You will see why below:

11245195_10205590320175621_1940810837_nTruly post cards for days. I don’t even know why I bought any, because clearly, I could have just sent photos of my travels! Not convinced? Here are a few more:

11270103_10205607603047682_225300865_n 11272042_10205607603007681_1269231390_n 11225615_10205607603087683_1623406507_nDid you notice the glacier in the middle photo? No? Okay look here then:

11225827_10205607644568720_141511813_nDon’t mind the random rooster, but how cool is that? Passing through and noticing glaciers? Definitely not something you could do in the Midwest!

11273673_10205607603287688_667194243_nAfter a tiring bus day (which is kind of ironic, because you just literally sit all day and listen to music…not much to make you actually tired. Someone explain this?), we arrived at Wanaka and spent the night meeting some Swedish hostel mates (super nice girls–definitely different than what we originally thought and they had been on our bus since the beginning of time). We also got some more groceries, made phone calls, booked our nights for Queenstown, and then I had my first Magnum ice cream ever! I think Diana was almost ashamed of me. Almost so ashamed that we bought four. Yup, FOUR. Enough for two fatties. πŸ˜‰ Whilst enjoying our Magnums, Diana chatted up with some πŸ˜‰ cute boy πŸ˜‰ about which bungy jump to do–the Nevis or Ledge. She had less than 2 days to decide so what better way to make a choice than to flip a coin and trust some hottie with a body? πŸ˜‰ Anyway, I will reveal what she decides in the next few posts, so keep on reading…I promise to keep on posting. πŸ™‚




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