Day 10 – Queenstown Pt. II

Part II:

Milford Sound. The Eighth Wonder of the World. Beauty. Powerful.

IMG_3905There was no way I was going to miss out on visiting this beauty. But of course, with beauty, there comes a price. One of our days in Queenstown had to be spent on a five, yes, FIVE hour bus ride to Milford Sound. Because our internal time clocks weren’t set to 5 am anymore, it was quite a struggle getting up–especially since we didn’t want to wake everyone else up.

Our bus ride to Milford Sound was fine. I dozed off a few times here and there with minimal stops. We stopped about 2-3 times. One stop being at some pretty mountain views like the one above.

HereΒ is another one:Β IMG_3911

Pretty stunning, aye? The weather was very cloudy and rainy, which again worked in our favor! If it’s raining at Milford Sound, hundreds of waterfalls will appear and they only appear when it’s raining because they aren’t constant waterfalls (so do they constitute as waterfalls?). We definitely got to see these waterfalls, which I will show below! But first, let’s talk about the cruise itself.

IMG_3917After our five-hour bus ride, we got onto a cruise ship with our phones ready (to take photos with). We decided to sit in a booth with two Canadian gals and got to know them a little bit. They were two very brave girls hitchhiking their way through New Zealand. They seemed experienced and had no problem sharing about their travels. I couldn’t imagine hitchhiking my way through a country. I’m too paranoid and notorious for getting lost.

IMG_3929 IMG_3923The cruise went on for about two hours and was quite bumpy. I ended up spilling my tea onto the ground, barely catching it, followed by a good scolding by one of the cruise workers. :/ BUT, the views were spectacular! Again, it was cloudy, cold, and rainy, but we managed to snag some memorable shots for keepsake and sharing (hehe sorry Diana! But you’re so cute!).

Here are some other scenic-postcard-worthy photos of Milford Sound (there are quite a few!):

IMG_3920 IMG_3940 IMG_3943IMG_3956 IMG_3997 IMG_3988 IMG_3987 IMG_3978 IMG_3977 IMG_3971Breathtaking isn’t it? Milford Sound is even better in person and I highly recommend it! So remember how I said beauty comes with a price and that we had to endure a five hour bus ride? Well guess what? We had to leave the same day on the same bus and the same five hours. Yup, ten hours to see Milford Sound. Was it worth it? I would say so. But I have to admit, I was exhausted and passed out the moment I hit the hostel bed. Big sigh of relief! This marks Day 10 and our second night in Queenstown! SomeΒ real fun up ahead, so stay tuned! πŸ˜‰




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