Day 9 – Queenstown Pt. I


IMG_3881Now, you will notice the title says “Queenstown Pt. I” and that’s because we spend about 4 days and 3 nights in Queenstown, the adrenaline capital of New Zealand! We were so excited to go to Queenstown and make the most of our time in one place rather than hopping-to-a-new-town-and-try-to-soak-in-what’s-there everyday. Eager to get into Queenstown, our driver, Ben (remember Ben? We thought he was weird and wanted to ditch him at Franz Josef? We ended up warming up to him and ended up back on his bus, which was no problem 🙂 ), took us to a puzzle world, which I would have been perfectly okay with skipping out on. IMG_3882I was not in the mood to take photos or sit on a bus for ages again, so I was a cranky butt. Because we didn’t have the option to do other things, we decided to just sit in the lobby area and we were actually quite pleased. There were different kinds of puzzles everywhere from moving objects to optical illusions. Apparently I really suck at puzzles and ended up succeeding in none of them. Zero. BUT, I did play with ‘The Amazing T Puzzle’ and managed to get 2/3. We had to leave when I was working on the third one. Maybe if I had more time…

IMG_3887After being totally satisfied with not paying anything to play with puzzles, we stopped at a few places (at this point I was so lazy to take photos, so the only one I managed along the road is the cover photo above^) and then finally made it to Queenstown! Diana and I were so excited, we rushed into our room only to find out that we had guy roomies. Boys. Ew. We dropped off our bags and left pretty much right away to go explore Queenstown and get some fresh air. Queenstown is a busy place with so many cute, elegant, hip, and exciting places. We had no problem strolling around and just taking it all in. Our only struggle was that wifi was spotty and so we headed back to the hostel, paid for wifi, and had no regrets. I was instagram-ing like crazy. Pretty sad to admit that the internet / my phone is such a big part of my life… -_-

Other than that, we didn’t have a whole lot going on since most of our day was at Puzzle World and on the road again. It was nice to get out and stretch our legs, but before we got too comfortable, we had yet another early bus ride tomorrow… Here’s a preview of where we will spend our day:




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