Day 14 – Sky High, Literally

Hello fellow blog readers!

DCIM999GOPROWow, Day 14 already! And Day 14 is a day to remember. Of course we had another long bus ride (5+ hours) but we were making progress into the North Island. Our next destination was Taupo, New Zealand and this is where amazing-ness happens! Immediately being dropped off at Skydive Taupo, you won’t guess what I was about to embark on…! SKYDIVING! Now, I promised myself that I would never ever ever ever EVER go skydiving because it’s just too dang scary! Well, New Zealand sure changed me as I saw numerous of people go skydiving and bungy jumping along with all the crazy stories. I was hooked and I knew that I would regret it if I didn’t take the initiative to do it while at Adrenaline, New Zealand.

DCIM999GOPROThis time, I had to go alone and spend a few hours ‘prepping’. This meant watching safety videos, picking out what package deal you wanted, and picking out songs for your video if you decided to get one. I also had to get all the gear on and be briefed on what to do during the sky dive. I couldn’t believe I was really doing this. I met my sky dive partner, Marley, and he interviewed me (part of the package deal I picked). I was so awkward and I feel totally embarrassed to show the video on social media, so on my flash drive it stays!

My “I’m so ready” face.

Everything happened so fast from getting into the plane to sitting ON THE EDGE OF THE PLANE WITH MY LEGS DANGLING to jumping off with a stranger. I really couldn’t be like, “Excuse me, sir. Could we just hang tight for a few more minutes? I’m not exactly ready and I just want to think about this a moment.” NOPE. Doesn’t work that way. Although, it is kind of nice that Marley just jumps and doesn’t give you a chance to think about it–more fun that way (and I’m being serious, it was totally helpful for someone like me).

DCIM999GOPROTo describe the feeling of skydiving, I would say that you feel completely disoriented at first. First, your nerves are freaking out (because you’re at the edge of a plane with your feet dangling) but jumping out is a different thing. The nerves are gone and my body was trying to figure out where it was really going. I felt like I was twisting and turning mid-air when in reality, I was probably just dropping straight down. It also felt like a giant fan was pushing on you with a little bit of a chilly tingle as it was pretty cool that day (hence the gloves). Marley then has a small ball-like thing attached to a string following behind to slow the fall and then the big parachute comes out. There was a tight jerk and I thought my legs were cutting off. I also kept obsessing whether or not my shoes were going to fall off, so I curled my toes and tried my best to keep them on!

DCIM999GOPROOnce we had the parachute up, it was much slower and we were actually gliding! I was able to steer the parachute (with hesitation because I was worried about letting it go and then falling) as he reassured me and guided me through on how to do it. The feeling of gliding, steering, and viewing New Zealand while in the sky was absolutely stunning! I loved every second of it and could glide for hours if it was allowed.

DCIM999GOPROI couldn’t believe that a shy, small-town, self-conflicted, girl like me would have the courage to do something so crazy and exhilarating as sky diving! Of course, I couldn’t stay up in the sky forever, so we had to land and it was graceful. I enjoyed every moment and was still shaky from all of the adrenaline. I was literally sky high. High from the sky, and high up in the sky. Wow. So so so so glad I took the opportunity to do this! No regrets and giant smiles were on my face! The rest of my evening was amazing as nothing could ruin my day! I WENT SKYDIVING! ๐Ÿ™‚

DCIM999GOPROI will never forget Day 14 as it was one of the most memorable and captivating days for me! Unforgettable, un-regrettable, amazing time. And what better way to spend it than in NEW ZEALAND? Not everyone can say that and I am truly lucky I can! Highly recommended! As Skydive Taupo would say:

“Fear is temporary. Achievement is permanent.”




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