Day 16 – The Real Middle Earth


IMG_4542Day 16 was a dream come true! Little did I know until a few weeks prior to arrival in New Zealand, that the Hobbit and Lord of the Ring series was filmed in NEW ZEALAND. What excitement when I found out! In all honestly, I hadn’t watched all of the Hobbit or LOTR movies (let alone read the books…) until I found out I was going to New Zealand. So, to brush up on this new territory, I found it fit to see it through Hobbit eyes. The binge-watching happened with my sister and we learned to love the series! I became even more excited about coming to New Zealand!

IMG_4523When Diana and I arrived at Hobbiton (after being picked up by a fancy Hobbiton bus!), we realized that it was going to be a rainy day but that didn’t stop us! Rockin our rain ponchos, we braved the rain and toured Hobbiton with our cranky tour guide. 😦 It was still fun because we got to be on the movie set and see Hobbiton!!! One of the coolest things I learned was how some of the homes were made smaller or larger depending on perspective. If they wanted character to look bigger, they would shoot a scene near the smaller houses and with the bigger homes, they would shoot there for the characters to look smaller. That is probably common sense but it was cool to see behind the scenes!

IMG_4576IMG_4567The grass here is so green and of course, there are some fake props like food, rocks, etc. You can see how we look in perspective to the house on the right –>

It was just really surreal to be where the Hobbits are! πŸ™‚ It was a dream come true and definitely one of the most memorable things I did in New Zealand. To make our trip even better, we were able to visit the Green Dragon and enjoy some ginger beer while basking in the atmosphere of Hobbiton.

IMG_4622If you ever decide to visit New Zealand, Hobbiton is an absolute must-see! You will really kick yourself if you choose to skip out. How many people can say they’ve been to Hobbiton?! The tour lasted a few hours and with some daylight left, we decided to end our trip on Day 17 and took it easy on our last evening of the trip. Unfortunately, because of the rainy weather, we couldn’t go zorbing (still on my list of things to try!) so we just hung out, made a home-cooked meal, watched some movies, and finished our books while taking advantage of the wifi we had. What a nice end to our night! I couldn’t believe tomorrow night I would be back at my home stay in Auckland, getting ready for another six weeks of teaching. Our short-lived but worthwhile adventure would soon come to a close. 😦 One more day to go to end the NZ Holiday Series!




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