Coast to Coast Walkway

Hi there!

I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer (or winter if you’re in the NZ region)! I’ve been having a busy summer now that I’m back home and working! My goal is to get caught up on my blog before I head to my next destination abroad, so you can expect to see a lot of blog posts from me in August!

coasttocoastfull1212IMG_4849Anyways, while I was in New Zealand, one of the most memorable things I did (besides skydiving, visiting Hobbiton, and among other exciting things!) was hike along the Coast to Coast Walkway. This hike is a popular one in the Auckland area where you literally touch one body of water to another body of water in a span of 6+ hours of hiking. If I recall correctly, there aren’t a lot of places in the world that you can do that! New Zealand has a TON of hikes and this was one of my favorites. I actually did this 16 km hike twice because I got lost so many times the first time liked it so much! The first time I didn’t actually complete the walkway because it was getting quite dark and I didn’t want to get lost in an unfamiliar area, especially since I did the hike alone. I started at Viaduct Harbor and ended up at One Tree Hill, which you can see circled in red on the map to the right (click on the photo to enlarge it). –>

IMG_3032Auckland City

One reason I did this hike is because of some of the highlights along the way. To start, Viaduct Harbor is beautiful with sailboats galore! Not a bad way to begin a hike! Then, you continue through Auckland in which it feels like a stroll through the city. Here, you can see shopping centers, cafes, street performers, restaurants, and entertainment. After passing through Auckland, I found myself getting lost quite a bit… I have never gone past Auckland City in the southern direction, so this was completely new to me. IMG_3011Luckily, the Coast to Coast Walkway provides signs to follow in bright yellow (or blue if you’re going from south to north). I continued following the signs and much to my surprise, I found sheep! 😀 It was so cool to see how these sheep roam around freely. 🙂

After my fascination with sheep, I found myself walking for quite a while before arriving at Mt. Eden (on the left side of the map about halfway through).

IMG_4842Mt. Eden

Mt. Eden is one of those must-see sights in New Zealand. This volcanic crater is surreal. I think the photo speaks for itself! Of course, nobody is allowed to go down into the center as it can be dangerous, but it was really neat to walk around and continue on the path. Thank you Coast to Coast Walkway!

IMG_2974Along the way is Auckland University in which the campus is absolutely gorgeous! This clock tower in particular really caught my eye. College campuses where I live do NOT look like this! It was definitely a treat to see. Made me wish I actually studied abroad as a student in New Zealand so I could enjoy this campus everyday!

IMG_4922Cornwall Park

The next worthwhile sight on this long hike was Cornwall Park’s famous fig tree! It’s enormous! I sure noticed it the first time and enjoyed it even more the second time! The second time around was definitely a lot more fun with Diana by my side (as you can see here). Clearly, we spent a lot of time here with a ridiculous amount of selfies, good laughs, heart-to-hearts, and enjoying the park! Who knew getting sidetracked could be so fun! 😉

IMG_3055One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill was the sight I was dying to see on this hike! And it was so worth it! I was in absolute awe when I arrived here the first time. My poor aching feet and lack of directions made me forget about them all once I laid eyes on this beauty. I was so eager to get to the top, so of course, I spent the next hour or so hiking all the way to One Tree Hill and had to end my hike there as it was getting dark. I do have to say, the view from above was worthwhile and that I felt very accomplished getting this far alone. I am absolutely senseless with directions. Plus, my stamina for hiking was pretty horrible. My feet and legs were aching so bad at this point (about 7 hours).
IMG_4966The second time we visited One Tree Hill was a shorter visit. Again, we were determined to get to the end of the hike and we were making pretty good time. Unfortunately, we were so disappointed at the end. It looked like we ended up at a sewage place and the view was just not nice. I was totally okay with not taking any photos. Ah well, we still made the best of it because…

IMG_4980We made it!

I can definitely say it was a lot more fun with Diana than going alone. At least whenever we got “lost”, we could find our way by consoling in each other, laugh it off, and head on our merry way. To end our hike, we took the train back to Auckland (first train ride) and we just couldn’t help ourselves with our obsessive selfies. So sorry for being ridiculous! 😛

I really enjoyed the Coast to Coast Walkway and highly recommend it for those that are seeking a nice long hike with some tourist-y sights along the way! Get those legs moving and take in NZ!!! 🙂

If you’re interested in knowing more about the Coast to Coast Walkway, you can click on the link below! 🙂

IMG_4952Happy trails,



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