Petronas Twin Towers

IMG_6253One does not simply visit Malaysia and not see the Petronas Twin Towers! I mean, it’s hard not to notice when you’re in Kuala Lumpur. Knowing myself and how much I love tourist-y things, I was pretty excited to see the Petronas Twin Towers. 🙂

IMG_6179My Malaysian boyfriend was so kind enough to take me up the towers (which he had never gone inside before!). Look how happy I am–>

Like other sky towers I’ve visited, we got a tour of the towers along with some interesting facts. The only thing that was different during this tour was that it was timed. You had to make a reservation for a specific time and then you are given a time limit to spend in each section of the tower. Let’s just say the selfies were pretty quick. 😛

IMG_6201The views were pretty neat and I felt like I could see pretty far. Louis (the boyfriend) was pretty good about telling me of places afar through those tourist-y binoculars. It really amazes me how vastly different Malaysia can be. What I mean is that Malaysia looks very beautiful and developed in some areas but in other areas, you wouldn’t see the image on the left. You would see more trees, markets, stacked buildings, etc. I guess one way to put it is that some areas are not developed, hence it being a third world country (among other reasons).

IMG_6239IMG_6248Anyways, not only were the aerial views amazing, the views on the ground floor were pretty great as well! The towers are pretty amazingly tall and well-structured. Oh, and check out this pond we saw! It’s directly opposite of the towers and kind of nice to stroll around.

Well, I sure enjoyed my time on the Petronas Twin Towers, even if it was timed! Someday I would like to go back at night and see how the towers light up–I’ve seen beautiful pictures and have yet to see them lit!

Have you been to KL? What was your favorite thing to do there? 🙂

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