Batu Caves

Hi everyone!

An easy, FREE, worthwhile day trip in Malaysia (Selangor, which is north of KL) could most definitely be spent at Batu Caves, which is exactly what Louis and I did!

IMG_6257Batu Caves is a Hindu cave which has become a really popular tourist spot aside from its religious purposes. What really caught my attention was the GIANT gold statue along with steep steps (272 to be exact!) leading up to the cave. We snapped a few photos (awkward angles) and walked around before heading up the stairs! The kinds of things we saw were food / souvenir stands and a little monkey! The monkey was too quick for me to snap a photo, but he just hangs out on the rails of the steps!

The giant statue you see in the photos is called Murugan, a Hindu deity. It really is ginormous in the photos as it is in person. You have no idea how difficult it was to take a selfie with the Murugan statue.

Now, onto the stairs we went… and boy, was it a climb! We definitely needed to take a quick break or two, but Louis was determined and pushed us to make it to the top. But suddenly, we heard a loud CRASH as if it was a gunshot…! We ducked a little bit and looked up to realize that something fell and broke some pieces off of a stair! We climbed up to the top and saw where the piece broke. I don’t think I’ve ever see something fall and break off pieces of stairs… and I mean a chunk of it. It was kind of crazy and not too far from where we were standing. Was it safe to proceed and go inside?

IMG_6258 IMG_1334Well, we just climbed 272 steps so we weren’t going to climb up just to climb down! The entrance to the cave was quite cool as there were jagged rock formations and greenery up above, looking, well, very cave-like. I was most concerned about getting pooped on by bats and the smell that people have always talked about.

Surprisingly, it didn’t really smell bad at all! And I didn’t get pooped on because unfortunately, I didn’t see any bats ( 😦 I was kind of hoping). I also didn’t expect the inside of the cave to look the way it did. It was definitely neat to see, but not very big. It was tall, yes, but not so much for walking around. There were some shops and food inside which was also unexpected. It was still neat to see the cave, though!

IMG_6268At the cave entrance, there is another path that takes you deep into the cave, but this costs money and is pitch black. To add to it, the smell was HORRIBLE. NOW I know why people were talking about a smell! It was in the other cave. We opted out and decided to head back down the 272 steps.

For some reason, I can’t seem to find the photos from the other part of our day trip (must be on Louis’ camera). After we climbed down the steps, we wandered along the parking lot and found another tourist-y area to visit. We paid an entry fee for a dance performance and to see art work. We saw some fusion dancing of Indian / pop music and then found a tunnel full of artwork. And by artwork I mean statues and murals. They were very beautiful and I recognized some of them, like the Hindu gods with multiple arms or animal features.

IMG_1395Afterwards, I let my inner child out and bought fish pellets to feed the carp in the pond. Satisfied with our day trip, we ended it with some delicious coconut drink (one thing I miss so much about being in southeast Asia…). Check out that mom hat haha.

I am so glad Louis could take me out to see Batu Caves as it was on my list of things to see before I came to Malaysia. It was even better when I learned that he had never been inside so it was new for both of us! Why he hasn’t done all of the touristy things, I don’t know. I would be all over the tourist-y stuff–even in my hometown I do all of the tourist-y things!

Anyways, if you ever decide to visit Malaysia, at least spent a day / half day to see Batu Caves! It really is amazing to see in person!

More posts to come soon πŸ™‚



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