Surfing in Bali


IMG_6305This is my first post about my time in Indonesia–Bali to be exact! I’ve been dreaming of going to Bali for quite some time and now I got the chance to! We (Louis, the boyfriend) flew by plane from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Bali, Indonesia. It was about a 3 hour flight and our first time flying together! πŸ™‚ We have flown one other time before but we were seated separately, so this was exciting for us! We ended up flying in the afternoon so we got to Bali at around 11:00 pm. By the time we got onto the shuttle to the airport, met with our driver, and settled into our stay, it was pretty late. But being restless, we made the most of our first night by going out, walking around, and eating some local food. One thing I love about Asia is the ease of finding food late at night. There is always something open!

IMG_6395With a short night of sleep in our lovely stay, we were ready to soak up the rays and explore Bali–the Island of Paradise! And what better way to experience Bali than at the beach?! After roaming around the streets and trying to find our way, we spontaneously decided to hire a scooter bike. Why not? We would only be drivingΒ in town and plus we didn’t feel like walking everywhere. πŸ˜‰

Our definition of paradise!
Our definition of paradise!

We arrived at Kuta Beach and played in the water like a couple of kids. πŸ˜€ We met a lot of people wanting to sell sunglasses, a spot on the beach, mats, hats, drinks, etc. We also met a few people offering surf lessons so eventually we decided, hey, why not? It wasΒ something new for both of us and the weather was GORGEOUS. It was the perfect day for some surfing!

IMG_6397The private surf lesson included a wet suit top, a surfboard, and 3 hours on the water (and longer after the lesson if you desire). Pretty good deal, aye? Check out our attire and GINORMOUS surf board! Of course we each had our own but for the photo’s sake, we held onto one.

First, our instructor showed us proper positioning on the board while lying on the sand. He told us what he would say and what we should do. It was a lot like doing push ups and keeping your balance once you time the waves right. It’s kind of hard to explain unless you see it. Next, we went out into the water and tied the attachment from the board onto our ankles! We were legit going to go surfing! Our instructor was pretty good about getting us out onto the waves and encouraging us to keep going. IMG_6362Eventually, we were able to actually stay on our board and catch a wave! I can’t really say the same when he went back and we had to try it out on our own… πŸ˜›

It was so much fun! I’m really glad we tried surfing! It was one of the most memorable things we did in Bali. I really loved doing something new with Louis knowing that I wouldn’t be the best. It’s uncomfortable to show those weaker parts when trying something new, but it felt good knowing that we were both going to fall…A LOT and that’s okay! Now I feel more comfortable with myself and probably more willing to put my egoΒ aside and just live.Β Who knew surfing would bring that out in me! πŸ™‚ I wonder what else my travels have brought out in me? What has traveling brought out in you?

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