Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Hi everyone!

All smiles and excited to see some monkeys (featuring my disagreeable hair from the humidity!)!

I hope the weekend is treating you well! To make it even better, here’s another blog post from me! ๐Ÿ˜‰

While we were in Bali, we did a TONย of touristy things! But for now, I’ll be writing about our time at the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. I have a friend from Indonesia that really recommended this place. Trusting my friend because he has good taste and is well-traveled, I was pretty excited to see some cute monkeys! ๐Ÿ™‚

Of course I’ve been to the zoo before and I’ve seen plenty of monkeys in my life, but this place was different. It was different because these monkeys are not caged in, which means they are actually wild animals… so you can get up close and personal with them! It’s really popular to have them climb onto your back or shouldersย and snap a photo! Before we entered, we got a run down of some rules. Rules stating that these monkeys are actually wild and how to interact with them. The one rule I remember most is to notย look them in the eyes. It is considered a sign of aggression so I made very sure I did not do that!

IMG_6476After the briefing, we entered and purchased some bananas. We figured maybe 5 or so will be good. WRONG. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Let me tell you why. Louis held onto the bananas as we approached some monkeys along the path. They were so cute! It was cute when one of them came up to Louis and put out their hand like they were asking for a banana. He hands one and then a few others join in. Another put out their hand and after receiving one, they climbed on him and snatched the other! And THEN some of the other monkeys were not so happy about that! They started screeching at each other, showing their teeth, and chasing each other! IT WAS NOT CUTE. Not cute at all. :/

We continued down the path cautiously, with no bananas, silent in fear, and paranoid we were going to get attacked. Like, what? Is that supposed to happen? I was pretty firm on NOT have any monkeys climb onto my back. Nope. Still determined to make the most of it, I still managed to take a few photos of the less aggressive monkeys (at least they seemed less aggressive).

IMG_6495 IMG_6492There are actually beautifully designed architectures in this forest that made the trip a bit better. It really felt like I was walking through The Jungle Book with all of the designs, statues, greenery, vines, ponds, streams, and of course monkeys. Isn’t it beautiful? It was nice to walk around this beautiful place despite the crazy monkeys.

I ended up not taking any photos with the monkeys because of the earlier incident, but Louis, brave Louis, decided he was going to take a photo with a monkey climbing on him.

IMG_6506We got help from some of the locals and me being “helpful” just stood a good distance away and took photos of the monkey approaching him. He held out a banana above his head and immediately, a little guy climbed on him, grabbed the banana, and left. It was pretty quick so I was glad I could snap some good ones! I just love Louis’ face in this photo–he looks so terrified excited. ๐Ÿ˜€

Overall, The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary was worth the visit! Even though I was scared of the monkeys, it was probably just bad timing and not the right monkeys. The other ones were pretty chill, so no worries! The place was gorgeous and different from the ordinary. I have to thank my Indonesian friend for suggesting the place and Louis for being so brave. ๐Ÿ™‚

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