The World’s Only Corn Palace


IMG_8875IMG_8884This post will be kind of a short one, so it should be a breeze to read through! πŸ˜‰

On our last day of our South Dakota trip, we stopped at The World’s Only Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota. The exterior of the Corn Palace is made of brick, BUT there are thousands of corn and corn parts making up beautiful murals! We also learned that the exterior is changed EVERY YEAR! That’s a lot of corn!

IMG_8879 IMG_8878Once we got into the building, we found ourselves down in the gymnasium. The Corn Palace actually hold proms, basketball games, and other events for local schools throughout the year. I thought it was pretty neat that the building gets used more than just to look at. I’m all about that versatility!

At the gymnasium area, there are a lot of different things for sale like postcards, taffy, and of course corn-related things! I bought a handful of things and just walked around, looking at some of the random things there. Then, an announcement came on the speakerphone about a documentary.

About every hour or so, there is a documentary film about the Corn Palace history just walking you through the before, during, and after the making of the Corn Palace. The film was about 15 mins and then a short explanation of the murals inside the building. Funny dialogue of the day:

Tour Guide: Any questions?

Tourist: Yeah, what is that heavenly smell?

Tour Guide: Oh, that’s just my deodorant.

Hahahaha okay maybe you had to be there, but the tourist was kind of an odd guy, asking all kinds of questions.

IMG_8891 IMG_8880Anyways, it was a short morning at the Corn Palace, but I think we could all agree that we spent enough time there. I guess it wasn’t as big as we thought it would be and not completely made of corn, but it was still a neat little attraction along the way on our trip. I wouldn’t make a trip just to see the Corn Palace, but it’s nice to pass through.

With only an hour of a drive to Sioux Falls, we had plenty of daylight left as we left before noon! The next post will be the last one of our weekend in South Dakota. There will be some pretty photos in the next one. πŸ™‚

Stay tuned,



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