River Star Princess Cruise

Hello, hello!

IMG_7171Since we didn’t have a lot of time in Thailand, we wanted to make the most of it. And what better way to see tourist sights than through a cruise in one go? πŸ™‚

As some of you may know, one of the things I love about traveling is the touristy stuff! Yup, the posing-next-to-things-doing-cool-stuff part of traveling! But I mean, who really doesn’t though?

Actually, Louis isn’t huge into the tourism, he’s more for activities and eating local food–he’s a big foodie! And since we had our Bali trip not long before this one, he was already over spending x amount of days on touristy sights. BUT, he did agree to goΒ on this cruise (he has been to Bangkok before and went on a similar cruise) and it wouldn’t take as much time as visiting each place individually. So, if you’re looking for that kind of alternative, I definitely recommend a cruise!

IMG_7188 IMG_7180Anyways, during our cruise, we were wined and dined, entertained, and toured throughout the night. It was a blast! To start, our glasses were filled with wine, an introduction of how the night will go, and some singing from local Thai performers. There were also some dancers in some traditional outfits, which was definitely entertaining to watch! Along with our entertainment, there is a buffet of all kinds of food, ranging from sushi to pasta to meats and seafood. There were some Western comfort foods there, which I took to (I had been abroad for over 3 months at this point).

IMG_7242 IMG_7272 IMG_7209 IMG_7220We cruised back and forth along Chaophraya River and saw a lot of key highlights like the Grand Palace, Temple of EmeraldΒ Buddha, Wat Arun, and other buildings.

IMG_7263 IMG_7257 IMG_7253Here are a few more photos:

IMG_7237We finished our cruise with a quick selfie with some performers and drinking wine on the top deck. It was quite romantic and I feel so lucky and blessed to know that we could have had an opportunity like this! The cruise was a good way to have a nice night out and see some sights in one go like I mentioned before. I definitely recommend it if you’re crunched on time. The cruise only took about 2 hours but you do have to make a reservation ahead of time (day before or earlier).

Click here to find out more about this particular cruise! πŸ™‚

More Thailand posts to come soon!



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