Layover in China

Hi everyone!

IMG_7539Goodbye was so hard, especially leaving my significant other. 😦 I left a big part of my heart in Malaysia, but with the direction of our lives, I had to come back to the USA. But before coming back to the US, I had a layover in Guangzhou, China!

I’ve never been to China before and I don’t really count the airport as being in China… but it is kind of neat to think you were in the region anyway! My layover was for about 5 hours, so it really wasn’t enough time to leave the airport and explore China. It was a slight bummer, but hey, I still had a nice time!

IMG_7542Once I arrived, I looked for my gate with ease and realized I had PLENTY of time left. So, what’s a girl to do at the terminal for about 4 more hours? I walked around and did some window shopping, but there wasn’t much. While looking at the vending machines, I started to feel a bit hungry (of course πŸ˜‰ ).

IMG_7543I decided it would be a good opportunity to get some food (always hungry)! But before I could do that, I had to get myself some currency to buy foodΒ with! I’ve always been fascinated with currencies from other countries, so I went ahead and exchanged what I had left of my U.S. dollars into Chinese Yuan. You can see some Yuan on the right. –>

IMG_7544After getting some money I could actually use in Guangzhou, it was time to eat!!! I honestly was trying to find some authentic Chinese food, but I really had my eye on an Indonesian dish. It was a pretty good value and seemed filling (which it was!). What a refreshing feeling after a decent meal!

IMG_7545Unfortunately, the wifi wasn’t really working, so I just played some lame games on my ipod (which don’t require wifi) and organized my purse a million times. Waiting, waiting, waiting.

Finally, I could board! But only to be on a plane for another 12+ hours… -_- Ah well, I was excited to see my family and get back into the routine of working and eating healthier. As much as I love traveling, there is also a comfort in routine and familiarity. I loved being abroad and it was the first time I was truly away from family for over 4 months, but was time to see each other again. So many mixed feelings, but again, with the direction my life was going, all I could do was embrace what was in front of me.

Onward to America!



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