Goodbye America!

Hi everyone!

Wow, it sure has been a while since I’ve posted anything! I have been SO BUSY with getting my life together and I must say–I am SO CLOSE to my next chapter! After a LONG process of applications, job interviews, and a delayed visa process, I am thrilled to announce that I have accepted a job in South Korea as an English teacher! πŸ™‚

IMG_0317It truly is bittersweet leaving America and starting a new life. I left a good job at home (the Midwest), family, friends, comfort, and the convenience of living in a small town, to a new opportunity in South Korea. Now, I must say, I have been to Korea before–several times actually, but it has been quite some time. The last time I visited Korea was in 2009, so that’s a good 6+ years. I’m sure so much has changed and I am VERY excited to experience it all! It’ll be like learning to walk again and I’M READY! πŸ™‚

Currently, I am spending time in Malaysia (again) before heading off to Korea. Mostly because I wanted to spend time with my boyfriend before a challenging, stressful, yet rewarding year ahead of me! Luckily, my jet lag hasn’t been too bad (mostly because I can’t sleep on planes well). I’ve settled in quite nicely to the familiarity of Malaysia, my boyfriend’s family, and lifestyle. Weather is another story. πŸ˜›

Now, let’s back it up and let me tell you all about my flights to Malaysia!

IMG_0319IMG_0323Luckily, I didn’t have very many layovers, but that meant my long flights were back to back. I flew from Minneapolis, MN straight to Narita, Japan. The flight in itself was about 13 hours. This was a little different for me as I usually fly from the Midwest to either Chicago or California before heading out of the country. I was quite surprised there was even a flight from Minneapolis to overseas without a layover! Can’t complain, so I just went with it. The flight was fine, although I have a little problem with restlessness during flights, so I ended up staying awake the entire time. I watched as many movies and TV shows as I could to pass the time just like anyone else would.

IMG_0326IMG_0328Once I arrived in Japan, I had about a 2 hour break before my last flight to Malaysia. I freshened up in the restrooms, used the wifi to keep everyone updated on my journey, and tried to walk around / stand as much as I could since I still had one more flight consisting of 7 sleepless hours. Personally, I do not know how to read Japanese so I had to take a few touristy snapshots of Japanese-printed things. At this point, I really wanted to leave the airport and explore Japan! I actually used to live in Japan for about 6 years when I was in grade school, so just the thought that I was near where I spent a good portion of my life was exciting! Someday I’ll come back to Japan and really explore. πŸ™‚

IMG_0333My last flight before Malaysia felt long. Almost longer than the first flight. Not only did I feel gross from squishy socks and greasy hair, but I was getting pretty tired and cranky from lack of sleep. I tried really hard to doze off and find a comfortable position, but sitting up and sleeping just doesn’t work for me. By the end, I was up for over 24 hours straight. Haven’t done an all nighter since them college days. πŸ˜› Other than that, my flight was quite enjoyable!

I must say, I am definitely one of those girls to document everything (if you haven’t figured that out by now) so here is a snapshot of my Japanese plane food. Pretty good as far as plane food goes and surprisingly filling! I was hoping I would maybe pass out with a food coma, but that didn’t work either. 😦 I pretty much just gave up on sleeping and glued myself to the in-flight screen.

After those long 7 hours, I finally arrived in KL! Going through immigration and collecting my bags took longer than usual (of course) but I made it! Louis (the boyfriend) met with me (and recognized me this time! πŸ˜‰ ) and I got all shy and giddy like last time… πŸ™‚ Once we arrived at the house, I took a shower and passed out. Sleep never felt so good!

IMG_0338 IMG_0350I’ve been in Malaysia for almost 3 days now and so far I haven’t been too jet lagged. At least I am sleeping throughout the night with a nap during the day.

Of course, eating has been top priority while I’ve been here! On the left are some bamboo noodles I’ve been craving for quite some time and on the right is some hot pot we had with friends last night!

Malaysia has been treating me well and I’m sure these next 9 days will go by fast. 😦 Time to make the most of it before my next adventure in SOUTH KOREA! πŸ™‚

If you are interested in checking out more photos of my journey, feel free to follow me on instagram: @jessannm0 (last character is a zero) πŸ™‚

Until next time,



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