A Weekend in Singapore

Hello all!

I recently uploaded some photos on Facebook of my (our, Louis and I) trip to Singapore in November! I know, it’s the middle of January so I’ve been behind. I guess it’s true that I travel faster than I can blog! 😉 But anyways, here’s a post about our weekend in beautiful Singapore! 🙂

IMG_0398IMG_2625We took a bus from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore Thursday night (after struggling to pack.. packing is the worst thing about traveling in my opinion lol) but with the traffic, we got there pretty late. I think we arrived past midnight so we passed out right away.

On Friday, we got our butts moving and headed over to Sentosa where there is a nice beach area, cable cars, Universal Studios, restaurants, and shopping!

IMG_0412IMG_0507It was nice to spend a day viewing Singapore’s beauty through cable car! We really enjoyed our day, especially with the warm weather in the middle of November! Can’t beat that! The cable ride was very smooth and well worth our time.

IMG_0506IMG_0469Sentosa also has a Universal Studios but we didn’t have time / were too lazy to go on any rides. Instead we got some delicious lunch with some dumplings (xiao long bao) and the best-ever beef noodles! If you can’t tell, we are definitely foodies and I must say… these were the best of its kind that we’ve ever had…!

IMG_0479IMG_0495To settle our stomachs, we went to the mall, walked around, and did some window shopping. The mall was pretty nice! There is this cool dome / bowl where you can talk down to it and everyone else around the bowl can hear you. Not sure how it works, but it was pretty amazing! We also got a close up look of The Three Towers (not sure of the official name) which is on the left photo. Unfortunately, we couldn’t go up to the top as we had to make a reservation ahead of time, so for those interested in going to the top, make sure you book ahead! 🙂

IMG_0516[1]IMG_0514[1]Later that night, we met up with a friend we knew from back in the States and had some delicious crab along with some other seafood!

IMG_0520Continuing on with our night, we all visited a nice rooftop bar (recommended by our friend), enjoyed some wine, and caught up on life! Here is a nice view of The Three Towers (?)! It was a very nice night, especially with the agreeable weather. I really miss Singapore right about now, especially with Korea’s weather dropping as we speak… I’ve never been a huge fan of the wintry weather.. take me back to Singapore! 😥

IMG_0623The next day, we went to the Singapore Botanic Gardens, which was beautiful as well! This place was on my list of places to see as I heard good things about it. It’s actually quite huge and we didn’t even get to see all of the Garden, so it’s definitely worth spending a day here!

Swan lake we saw!

We spent a good portion of our Saturday walking through the Garden (and around it) and taking tons of photos of nature (too many to post, sorry!). These are one of those times where my phone memory gets full and I have to delete older photos (it’s kind of a problem, I am way too sentimental about photos enough not to delete them).

IMG_0602Along our long walk, we heard a symphonic sound and what do you know, we found a young group of musicians and listened for a while. I definitely have a heart for young musicians as it brings back a lot of memories of when I was a band geek. 😀

Our Sunday was spent traveling back to Kuala Lumpur by bus and watching movies. All in all, we had an amazing weekend in Singapore and I would love to go back again! Have you ever been to Singapore? What kinds of things did you do or recommend to do?

Until next time,



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