Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon

Hi everyone!
I’m getting back into the blogging again. I’ve really been MIA so my apologies!!! Life in Korea has been very busy for me as I’ve been working hard, traveling, planning trips, and working on myself. Anyways, amidst all the busyness, I had a long weekend this past weekend (June 6 was Korea’s Memorial Day) so I went out and explored the Hwaseong fortress with a friend!

img_2742This was our first time visiting the fortress so we were both really excited! I heard great things from friends, reading online, and discovering it is actually a UNESCO Heritage Site, too (which you can read more about here)! We started our day trip meeting at Suwon Station and taking a bus towards the fortress. After a short walk, we had made it!

At first, we paid our entry fee (about 1,500 won) and looked inside of the fortress. We saw many styles of architecture while getting a good feel of what olden day royal Korea was like. After walking for quite some time, we searched around for the actual wall we saw photos of. To be honest, we had no idea where the wall was. We were definitely not in the right place, but thanks to Naver maps (equivalent to Googlemaps), we finally Β found it!

For a certain part of the wall, you have to pay a 1,000 won fee, which is what we did before getting to the top. The wall is, no joke, very long.Β We didn’t walk the whole wall, but we did get a feel for it–definitely worth all of the walking we did!

img_2906img_2895Unfortunately, due to the timing (walking around TOO much I guess πŸ˜‰ ), we weren’t able to make our way to the Folk Village, which isΒ not too far from the fortress. It is something I will definitely do next time I am in the area!
Have you been to the fortress or the folk village? Have you also been to other parts of Korea that you highly recommend? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear your experiences! πŸ™‚





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