Japan: Day 2

Hi again!

img_1292Onto Day 2 of Japan! If you haven’t read about Day 1, click here! We left off staying in Nagoya overnight with cool kimonos. 😀

We got up early to meet with one of my friends from back home as he was living in Nagoya! It was sooo good to see a familiar face from back home. Crazy to think how we started in US of A and now we are halfway around the world! Small world, it really is.

img_1281Shout out to my dear friend as he got up super early (like up at 5 am early!) to meet us before heading back to Seoul. 😀 We started our journey walking around Nagoya as we were a little TOO early to see Nagoya Castle. Oops hehe. 😛

img_1261Nagoya Castle was really neat to see! Another castle to check off the list hehe. 🙂 This time we actually got to see the inside of the castle along with the view from above. Being time conscious, we walked towards anything green tea (Japan is green tea heaven! 😀 ) and then left on our merry way.

img_1293Although our time in Nagoya was short, we still enjoyed what time we had and I especially enjoyed seeing a friend from back home! Before I end this post, I forgot to mention that we finally ate a proper meal (or 3) since starting out our trip! Basically, we sat down with 3 meals, ate some, then rotated. Eat, rotate, repeat. It was a quick way to try some new foods with the time crunch we had.

We really had an amazing time in Japan and I couldn’t have done it without my amazing travel partner and friend! It’s one thing to love traveling, but it’s another to find someone to travel with that matches your travel style.

I will definitely be back, Japan!

Until next time,



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