Australia Day 2: Seasickness, Scuba, Surreal-ness

Hi everyone,

So in my last post, I mentioned writing throughout my trip. Well, that clearly didn’t happen, and let me tell you why. The wifi we were promised on the boat was NOT working… so I spent a good three days without it and with the occasional spotty data when I wasn’t diving, which leads me to the main part of this post: SCUBA DIVING! πŸ™‚

It was bright and early when the van came to pick me up and other divers for our 3-day liveaboard trip on the ocean. A liveaboard is basically a big boat where divers can stay for days. This means dive, eat, sleep, repeat. I was definitely looking forward to getting certified on this trip and exploring the Great Barrier Reef!

img_4536The introductions were great and I could feel that this was going to be an amazing trip! Unfortunately, as the boat whipped around the ocean for three hours, I got pretty sea sick. :/ I haven’t puked in years and it was weird going through that experience again. So, now I know that seasickness is a very real thing for me… After being tossed around and vomiting, we finally arrived to Petja Milln Reef and we all jumped right in after our briefing. It was so surreal breathing underwater again, but this time under the ocean. img_4532The ocean looked so vast underneath with fish everywhere. The sand was even beautiful and I just couldn’t believe all the training I did led me to this very place. Was I confident? Not quite. But, I knew that I could do this and that after four dives, I would be confident enough to dive without an instructor (woah). We did a handful of skills underwater in which I was feeling serious and calm. These were skills I knew how to do, or at least have done during my pool training, so it would be okay. After our skills, we swam around for a bit and saw many fish in which I didn’t know their names… but they were still amazing to see and swim with!

img_4538After our first dive, it was lunch time. I was feeling much better at this point from the seasickness. I think the diving really helped. πŸ™‚ Our second dive included more skills and a little more swimming around too. Unfortunately, I don’t have photos to post for the first two sites as I was more focused on training and I didn’t have a dive camera… 😦 But as a sneak peek, I did hire a camera later during the trip, so I will post those photos in those posts. πŸ™‚ img_4547Anyways, dive two was completed and our third dive was actually a snorkel rather than a dive. The snorkeling was amazing–the reef was beautiful as it was shallower. We saw sharks and turtles!Β πŸ˜€ It was all around amazing. My dive buddies are also very cool and I’m so glad I met them. They definitely made my first day (and my trip overall) much better! What a successful and wonderful Day 1 on the reef and Day 2 in Australia.

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