Australia Day 3: Thrown in as Bait

Hello, it’s me.

Haha… Anyways… This post is Day 3 in Australia but Day 2 of my liveaboard experience. I was a little worried of sleeping on a boat as I was seasick from getting to the Great Barrier Reef… but surprisingly, I slept really well. Like, really really well. Maybe the gentle rocking Β of the boat helped or the fact that I had been running on mere hours of sleep the past few days. Either way it was glorious and we were up early for our longest day of diving.

765246ca-79d8-4bc0-9e1e-94366ae29d98We were in the water by 7:30 am learning more skills as it was our third dive of four for training. We moved to a different site called Flynn Tennis Courts, which was much better than the first site (as far as diving, snorkeling was much better at the first site). We did quite a bit of swimming and a lot more interesting sight seeing! We saw NEMO, some moray eel, and giant clams. My buoyancy has continued to get better at this point and I was growing more confident. I couldn’t wait to see more of the reef.

Dive four was our last dive until we were officially certified PADI divers! The weather was beautiful at this time and we only had a few skills left. Our skills were completed fairly easily. I learned how my body could be used as a tool, as in how my lungs would determine how I moved in the water. I learned to trust my body more and that was something that challenged me. I was finally confident understanding my equipment and my body.

20a9cf4f-65dc-4071-bb6d-cb6daa1f253eLater during dive four, we saw fish fighting, plenty more coral, and some quite large-sized fish. Once we reached the surface, I couldn’t believe that I was done. I was officially a PADI scuba diver. Like, legit. I did it!

77d36575-af40-4a28-ad61-ccf17e2c07dbOur fifth dive, and first dive without an instructor, was a little shaky, but still amazing. We brought a dive camera with us this time and saw two turtles! We went a little crazy with the camera, but we had waited this entire trip until now for photos, so I think it was a little understandable. πŸ™‚ Our sense of direction wasn’t the greatest at this point either, but it’s fine because we made it out alive and were able to see the boat so that was helpful. πŸ˜€

img_4566Dive number six was actually a night dive. Yep. Diving underwater at night. This is when sharks come out to play. We were going to be thrown in as shark bait… :/ Not gonna lie, I was pretty nervous. How would I see underwater? What if a shark got hungry? All it takes is just one. Fortunately, our night dive was led by instructors, so that was comforting. Well, I just had to go for it. I didn’t know when else I would have this kind of opportunity, so I just went for it. Night diving was actually different than I expected. We did see sharks and other fish, but they didn’t bother us. We don’t bother them, they don’t bother us. The most interesting part was when we all turned our lights off and swam together. I was amazed at how much I could actually see underwater in the dark. Way different than I expected. I’m glad I went for it, even if it wasn’t my favorite dive.


Six dives. I had done six dives and one snorkel session in a course of two days. I arrived not as confident and ended Day 2 thrown in as bait for the sharks and navigating with no lights. I can’t believe I only had three dives left and one more day before my dive trip would end… I was really starting to feel it while playing card games, exchanging contact info, talking about horror stories, and looking through the photos we took from the day. But I had to kick myself and enjoy the now! One more day on the reef and one more night of gentle rocking sleep.

Until next time,



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