Australia Day 5: Sydney Round 2

Hi all!

img_4677Back to Sydney! As I left Cairns, I was still experiencing land sickness and was half hoping that weird sensation would alleviate after the plane ride, but that was too hopeful. I visited my hostel, which I would be staying at for the next few days to finish off my time in Australia. I was ‘greeted’ by a couple of girls sleeping (in which they actually were sleeping the ENTIRE time I was at that hostel. I couldn’t believe how much people could really sleep. It was like a mini coma, for real.). Not wanting to waste time, I washed up and headed out to explore Sydney for the evening.

I startedΒ my night journey heading towards the Town Hall, which was beautiful at night. I didn’t go inside as that’s not really important to me, but I did enjoy its view. Conscious of the sun setting, I needed to head towards my solo dinner reservation. Yikes, solo dinner. I don’t think I’ve ever made a reservation for one in my life so that would be interesting. But before heading towards the restaurant, I noticed another iconic place I’ve wanted to see!

img_4656The Queen Victoria Building was nearby, which made it convenient for me as I’ve wanted to visit here too, so bam, two birds one stone! I took a look inside and was in awe. It was very beautifully designed and had a modern / European feel to it. The QVB has many shops and restaurants inside along with some beautiful stained glass, clocks, and displays.Β I felt satisfied had visiting here. Because I didn’t have the goal of shopping, I didn’t spend too much time in the shops. My time was well spent just browsing at the architecture and taking photos like the tourist I was haha. πŸ˜€

img_4697img_4726After visiting the QVB, I was nervously following a map towards Darling Harbour. With the relief of being in an English-speaking country, I asked if there was a bus that would go near the restaurant, but then found out there weren’t any buses from where I was. That’s okay, I needed the exercise anyway! πŸ˜€ My walk was starting to get awfully chilly and I realized that maybe I was a little too underdressed in the sense that I needed more clothing on me. While I gazed upon the Darling Harbour, I ignored the fact that I was feeling chilly and took severalΒ snapshots. There is something about city lights and the reflection on the water that really captivated me. It was easy to take time to see what was around me while being solo. Once reality snapped back and that I was in fact, very cold at this point, I really needed to buy something to cover up. Luckily, as I reached the mall, there were many winter sales going on and I found a nice jacket for only $10 AUD! I put on the jacket and felt much much better.

img_4732With some time to kill, I did some catching up on social media and walked around the shops inside the mall. It got to a point where I asked if I could move up my reservation time if possible and luckily, they were able to do that! Feeling nervous, I ordered my meal and looked around me. Nobody was really paying attention and I felt kind of silly to feel self conscious. Everyone was enjoying their own meals and the view was gorgeous, so of course they wouldn’t be looking at me. I ordered some ribs with baked potato and tea and it was delicious… best ribs I have ever had, hands down. If you are in Sydney and fancy some delicious ribs, check out this place.

img_4735After dinner with a view, I had to stroll around for a bit before heading back. The night was still young so I took the liberty to see more of the Harbour. It was peaceful and the first time in a while since I’ve taken a walk not only for a destination, but to just enjoy my surroundings. I was definitely more comfortable at this point with a nice warm coat and feasting my eyes on beautiful sights. πŸ™‚

Not a bad way to spend my first evening back in Sydney. πŸ™‚




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