Jeju Island Day 2: Caving, Island Hopping, and Delicious Eats

Hi everyone,


Continuing on, our Day 2 was a busy day for sure! We got up early and Louis drove us to our first quick stop: Yongduam, which means dragon’s head and was basically just a rock. I’m really into the sight-seeing and if it’s along the way, we’re going! It was a cloudy day but the air was nice and warm. Yongduam was surprisingly crowded for the morning time, but later on Louis and I figured out that there was a tour probably doing the same exact route we were doing!

img_6230-1img_6244-2After that, weย continued towards the caves on the east side of Jeju. This cave is also known as a lava tube, namely Manjanggul Lava Tube. Manjaggul was very cool inside, it was very refreshing. Like most of Korea, the path is bumpy and somewhat unstable (not sure how the older folks do it!). The path actually didn’t take as much time as we thought it would! We were done in about forty minutesย (to and from the car). It was still worthwhile and a nice cool break!

img_6259-1Pleased with our extra time, we carried on and drove towards the port for Udo Island! Oh. My. Goodness. It was crazy packed and kind of unclear as to what we were supposed to do and how we would get to the island. We figured that we wanted to take our rental car onto the island (make the most of our time and of renting a car!) which meant taking it onto a ferry. Luckily, we got all of the required information and were ready to board!

The ferry was a fairly short ride, like 15 minutes I would say. We stepped out of the car and saw Jeju Island surrounded with lighthouses, get smaller. It was beautiful and gusty. Udo Island, here we come!

img_6441img_6275-1Udo Island greeted us with a plethora of volcanic rocks! Time to explore this ‘cow’ island (udo means cow which the island was named due to the island’s shape).
We didn’t actually have much of an itinerary for this smaller island, which was nice. Our time was freer so cruising was a breeze (pun intended). ๐Ÿ™‚ We walked along some paths, found some beaches, and statues to pose with.

After all of our volcanic / sand combo beach time, we had some delicious and FRESH lunch! We ate a pot of seafood with noodles–it was DIVINE. So delicious! Along with our meal, we had to try some local malkgoli (rice wine) which was PEANUT flavored! Yet, another surprise while on this island! It had a nice aftertaste but probably not my first choice of malkgoli… ๐Ÿ˜›

img_6453-1img_6420-1There were more beaches to see (sea? ha..ha..) so we spent more time along the coasts while stacking rocks andย catching crabs! That was good fun and reminded me so much of my childhood. Speaking of childhood, we ended our time on Udo Island by posing with some concrete structure along the coast. img_6358-1img_6487I don’t know the name of them, but I do remember playing on them while I was a child. I have never seen them since childhood, and here they appeared in front of me. I almost teared up, it brought back so many memories. We quite enjoyed our time on Udo Island, but had to head back before dark, so back to Jeju we went!

img_6516img_6517-1Our evening was spent eating at a local restaurant serving specialty dishes like abalone porridge, mackerel, ย and plenty of side dishes. That was a delicious meal I must say–nice a hearty without the unhealthy blah feeling. It was just what we needed! To top off our night, we tried some local peanut ice cream, but I was kind of disappointed (as I have somewhat high standards of ice cream, unfortunately…) as it was too icy for my liking. But, it’s still worth a try!

Day 2 was busy but relaxing too, I forgot how good it was to kick back and enjoy some beach time instead of going all the time. Time to rest up as Day 3 will be a VERY EARLY start! Like, before sunrise early! Stay tuned. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Until next time,



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