Jeju Island Day 3: Up, Down, and Around

Hello there,

img_6530Continuing on with our travels through Jeju Island, we started our morning off early. And I mean, really, really early. Like, before sunrise early. Why would we get up so early? Well, with our hotel right across from the UNESCO Heritage site called Seonsan Ilchulbong Sunrise Peak (성산일출봉) , we had to live for that name. So here we were, hiking up too many stairs in the dark and hangry Jessica was coming out. 😦 😛

img_6538Once we got to the top, we sat down on the bleachers provided and looked at the crater in front of us. As we were waiting for sunrise, we had a hard time finding sunrise. It was a cloudy morning with signs of rain ahead of us. We still saw some beautiful colors shine through, but I just knew it could be so much better. Someday I will come back and see that sunrise at full blast! img_6571Slightly disappointed, we hiked down but felt good about doing that early morning adventure.

We got ready for our day and checked out of our hotel. Today, we would see some waterfalls along the coast, have some local dishes, check out the markets, and have some filling hot pot! Our next destination: Jeongbang Falls (정방폭포)!

img_6600Jeongbang Falls is interesting in a way where it’s located right along the coast, so the waterfall actually deposits right into the ocean. img_6616This waterfall location is not exactly the safest, but it’s only as safe as you make it. It’s not exactly enclosed, so if you walk onto the slippery rocks, that’s all on you. 😛 I was one of those risk-takers. Our time was pretty short at this waterfall, so if you decide to go, you really don’t need a lot of time.

img_6632Our next waterfall destination was Cheonjiyeon Falls (천지연폭포), which is quite near img_6630Jeongbang Falls. After paying 2,000 won admission fee, we ended up spending more time here. There were paths and places to walk about aside from the waterfall. This waterfall was sort of hidden behind plenty of trees and rocks, so it wasn’t too impressive, but still nice to look at for a few moments. img_6650We grew hungry at this point and had some local dishes of mackerel, meats, and side dishes. As I struggled to order in Korean, Louis was able to easily to use Mandarin to order for us. Oops, embarrassing… :/ But it’s okay, lunch was delicious!

img_6655Satisfied, we headed back towards the first waterfall, as there was a bridge we wanted to see but missed. We ended up just finding a different bridge and wandered around the coast, enjoying the ocean and taking our time. We still had quite a bit of daytime left, although it was pretty cloudy and had potential to rain, so we kept a lookout for changing weather. The coast was very beautiful. img_6668We were really glad we drove back here even though we didn’t find what we were looking for. Very worth the views!

The next place we drive to was Oedolgae Rock (외돌개), which is famous for being in part of a Korean drama. We snapped a few photos and called it good. We weren’t sure how to feel about this very penis-shaped rock so we just carried on, trying to beat the rain as we headed towards our hotel for the night.img_6672

img_6677Before checking in, we realized we were a tad too early, so we parked our car and headed towards the market streets in Seogwipo. The market was busy with plenty of fresh foods, street foods, medicine, souvenirs, and local grown things. I was excited to buy some img_6678Jeju chocolates and maybe some jam or honey. Unfortunately, I didn’t end up getting the jam or honey, but I definitely got lots of chocolates! Louis img_6680really loves street food, so of course we had to try some chicken from this stall that had a long line. As Louis would say, a long line must mean it’s really good. 😉 It was nice to walk around the market and shop without worrying about time.

img_6685After we finished our time at the market, we check in, got ready for dinner, and just wandered around the streets (but not too far as it finally rained!). Hot pot was perfect for a rainy evening, so we got our fill. 🙂 Feeling full, we called it an early night as you may have noticed, we would start our days early and end our nights early.

The next day would be our last full day in Jeju and we didn’t take it too lightly! Stay tuned. 😉

Until next time,




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