Jeju Island Day 4: Last Day

*Discretion Warning: Some images may be disturbing, scroll and read on at your own risk*

img_6781-3Hi all,

Our last day on Jeju Island! We started our last morning on the island by going to some beaches along the coasts. With the cloudy and windy weather, it wasn’t exactly the ideal time to see the beaches, but hey, we didn’t want to miss out anyway! Poor planning on our part, but we were unable to see the women divers, which is a famous activity in Jeju. Next time, for sure, we will try that out!

Our time at the beaches were quite short this day. We were more excited to see some waterfalls we couldn’t see yesterday as it was raining in the afternoon. We made it to Cheonjeyeon Falls (천제연 폭포) NOT to confuse this with Cheonjiyeon! This waterfall is different in which there are three waterfalls and more of a park area connected to where there is a beautiful bridge we had to do a mini photoshoot on! I definitely liked these waterfalls the most on Jeju Island. 🙂

Next, we went to Jusangjeolli Cliff (주상절리대), one of the highlights of Jeju Island I really wanted to see! img_6826-1The cliffs were really beautiful and especially entertaining! After a few minutes or so, large portions of water would shoot up against rock several meters. Definitely something to see for yourself (or you can check my instagram post @jessannm0 for a video). We actually spent quite a bit of time around these cliffs and the park area. It was quite a nice time!

img_7964img_7951Moving through the Island, we stopped at a place famous in Jeju (and from Jeju)… O’Sulloc and Innisfree! 😀 I have been to both places in Seoul, but I really wanted to visit where it originated. We walked through the green tea fields and enjoyed the outdoors before heading inside. Once we were done playing outside, we found ourselves sucked into Innisfree by shopping, trying samples, and oh… making soap! Whaaaat. We had to try it, so here we were, doing cutesy couple things and making soap. It was quite fun, we recommend it. 🙂

img_7966-1img_6925-2After getting creative and artistic, we were getting pretty hungry for some dessert. 😛 O’SULLOC GREEN TEA BINGSU HERE WE COME! 😀 But oh wait… THEY DID NOT HAVE IT. I was so so sad. That was seriously the reason I wanted to visit O’Sulloc. Bummed, we still ordered green tea ice cream, tea, and a roll cake, which were all very delicious! Not disappointed. 🙂

*Discretion Warning: Don’t go on any further if you’re sensitive to certain imagery!*

Okay let’s move on

img_6941-2One more destination on our travel list was something a little out of the ordinary: Love Land. Love Land is a sex-themed museum. Hmm, why did we go? Well, there aren’t very many interesting places like that in the world, so we decided to check it out. I won’t post everything on here, but you will get the idea. It is one of many museums on Jeju Island, so if this isn’t your thing, feel free to google search and find other museums on the Island. 🙂

img_6975-1Not a lot of time is required in this museum. The park itself isn’t incredibly huge and the paths are easy to follow. It was an entertaining park / museum to explore as this topic is kind of taboo in Korea but is interestingly enough found here on Jeju. Definitely worth a visit if this suits your interest.

img_7003-2After Love Land, we had some dinner at a K-BBQ restaurant to end our time in Jeju. Started out with BBQ, ended with BBQ. 🙂 Our flight would be early the next day (which I won’t make a post about). All in all, Jeju Island was a great destination to visit. We had a wonderful time there together and felt that we did everything we wanted to do except miss out on the divers, cloudy sunrise on Sunrise Peak, and missed Hallasan Mountain.

img_7967If you’ve been to Jeju, what were your highlights? Was there anything you missed out on but wished you went on?

If you haven’t been to Jeju, where do you want to go? I do hope that those traveling Korea get a chance to visit Jeju. It’s a nice break from the city life with interesting quirks and delicious food.

We miss you already, Jeju Island. ❤





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