Jinju Lantern Festival

Hi everyone,

A few weeks or so ago, I made a spur of the moment trip with a friend to visit several places. Once we met in Seoul, we decided to head to Jinju via bus to catch the Lantern Festival, which is held in October for a few weekends. We have never been to Jinju and heard good things about the festival, so why not!

We used a bus app called 고속버스모바일, which was super useful (some Korean skill needed to use this app). We were able to purchase bus tickets to take us pretty much everywhere throughout our trip. Going to Jinju took around 3 ish hours so we listened to some podcasts and had some chit chatting time. 🙂

Once we arrived, it was evening time–perfect for the festival! We were in awe when we saw the lights and lanterns. There was a fee of 10,000 won to enter, so after we paid, we were free to see the lanterns! The lanterns are all aligned on the water with lights, food stands, and tunnels. We spent a few hours taking photos and strolling along (before the rain hit!). It was really beautiful and I’m glad we made it for the festival, as it’s something that happens for a limited time each year.

As you enter the festival

If you are in Korea during October, I definitely recommend coming to Jinju to see the lanterns. One other thing I didn’t mention is that you are able to make your own lanterns and place them onto the water, which looked quite nice (we didn’t end up doing it as we had to catch another bus). It was a nice evening; well spent! 🙂




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