Half-Day in Jeonju

Hi everyone,

img_7754If you don’t know about Jeonju, Jeonju is a southern city known for it’s food and culture village. On our way back from Busan, we decided to stop in Jeonju to have a half day. My friend has been there before, but this was my first time. One thing we definitely had to do was try their famous bibimbap! And wow, was it delicious! Pretty sure I inhaled that scrumptious meal! BEST bibimbap I’ve ever had! I definitely recommend going to Jeonju if you’re a foodie. πŸ™‚

After our satisfying lunch, we started to wander the streets of the culture village. I really loved the architecture and layout of this place. Β There was a lot to see and so any different buildings. Shops, cafes, food stores, traditional dress fitting stores, and (of course) uneven pavement, which is a common theme in Korea. πŸ˜‰ Always watch where you’re going!



img_7777img_7983Wandering around, we found a cute cafe to have some bingsu as we wanted to avoid the rain as much as we could. Oh my, this bingsu was very delicious as well! We tried a more traditional flavor of red bean with rice cakes. The green parts are actually pumpkin seeds! It was so good and we were soooo full. We spent quite some time in the coffee shop until the rain subsided. We wandered around to try to walk off all the food we ate and just enjoyed the scenery.

I definitely recommend visiting Jeonju! It is quite relaxed and very interesting to stroll through and look at. The food is really amazing and I’m actually considering going there again soon just to have a food adventure! If you’re visiting Korea and have ample time, I would recommend making a trip to Jeonju!




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