Muuido Island

Hi all,

Make sure you just don’t die. Proceed without dying.

Back in September, Louis and I visited Muuido Island to get in some nature, hiking, beach, and away-from-the-city time. Not wanting to travel too incredibly far, we figured Muuido Island would be prefect! It is on the west side of Korea and past Incheon. We have never been to Muuido but have heard many great things about it! So off to Muuido we went!

Getting there was a little tricky as it wasn’t exactly off of a subway station and I mean, it’s an island, which means a ferry would have to be involved as well. Oh, and of course, we are in Korea, so there’s that language barrier too. Anyway, we managed to get there by taking the train, taking a bus, walking a little ways, and finding the ferries. We were so relieved when we found the ticket booth and waited for the ferry. The wait was fairly short as was the ferry ride. We were so excited to start our hike–it was definitely much needed!

Once we arrived on the island, we took another short bus to the main area and walked around until we found the entrance. The hike doesn’t require an entry fee so that was good news! It was beautiful–nice greens and mountainous sights along with blue waters once we reached some peaks. The hike up was quite all right, some parts were steep, but I would still consider it easy-medium. Now, going back down was a little tricky as we went a different direction and didn’t want to fall from the steepness. I would say it’s a medium level going down the path we went. Here are some beautiful view we saw!


After our hike, we were ready to chill by the beach and enjoy the sunset. We walked onto the beach (after paying the entrance fee, which is around 2,000 won) as the water wasn’t deep at all for several meters! Children were running around, trying to catch small fish and crabs. It was very peaceful and a nice end to our day. We definitely recommend coming to Muuido Island if you have a free day and want to get away from the busy city of Seoul.



Jess (and Louis)



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