Garden of the Morning Calm: Spring

img_1910Hey there,

The last part of our long day trip was to Garden of the Morning Calm. Time to get our pollen, trees, and just nature on!

img_1916We arrived around mid / late afternoon ish. Luckily the sun wasn’t quite setting yet, so we had at least a good hour before the sun would start to set. As you can imagine, this garden is well, a garden. There are many flowers, trees, well-maintained and shapely bushes, along with just colors everywhere. It made me think of how the fall would look (which I didn’t manage to see this fall…dang!). The Garden is really beautiful with all of the colors poking through. A garden worth visiting. 🙂

Here are some snapshots of our walk through the garden:


img_1990img_3545So this is what the early evening time looks like at the garden. It was still a nice end to our long and busy day. It was especially good to see our friends from back home. Truly a shout out to them for meeting us early and spending what was the longest double date ever! 😉 I hope those interested in going to Nami Island, Petite France, and Garden of the Morning Calm in one day is able to do it. It really is doable, just make sure you leave early and stick to a decently strict schedule! Overall, it was a great experience with friends. 🙂




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