Nami Island: Spring

Hi all!

img_1704img_1710Back at it with the weekly posts! This post in particular is about a time at Nami Island! The boy and I met up with some friends back from the states to experience this romantic island and catch up. Of course, wanting to squeeze in Nami Island, Petite France, and Garden of the Morning Calm meant an early morning. We met at a train station and moved towards the ferry, keeping in mind that we really did have a tight schedule: racing for transportation and for sunlight.img_1753

The ferry ride was very short (about 15 mins) so getting onto the island was no problem! At this point, we were definitely feeling the hunger. Time for food!!! Bibimbap was our first choice and it was definitely a joyous occasion. 🙂

After that satisfaction, we spent some time wandering around the park, looking for the beautiful tall trees we have seen in many photos (and in a drama, Winter Sonata, just fyi), and playing some traditional Korean games. Good fun for a double date and a nice spring day!

Nami Island is honestly full of tall trees, good food, and picturesque places. I recommend to visit here at least once. Someday, I’d like to visit during other types of weather–perhaps during the winter would be really pretty (which ties in with the drama anyway). Here are some photos of beautiful trees:


img_1807img_1831Gorgeous, aye?

Here are some more shots of some places we walked through. We ended our time at Nami Island by eating some local and famous dalkgalbi, which is chicken mixed with spices and vegetables–one of my favorite Korean meals ever! 😀 Nami Island is worth the visit if you have the time (it is quite far from the city). Shout out to our dear friends for coming out onto the island with us! 🙂 Maybe this winter I will make my way over there again to see the snow on trees. 🙂

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