Petite France (쁘띠프랑스): Spring

Hi everyone,img_1903img_1835

Onto the next stop! From Nami Island to Petite France we arrived mid-afternoon and went off walking through the windy pathways. The pictures of Petite France always looked nice so we had to see it for ourselves. 🙂

img_1839As you can tell, the buildings are pastel and very rectangular. I’ve never been to France, but I would imagine it to be somewhat like what I saw.

There were beautiful buildings, lights, flowers, and other types of art. There was also access to some of the buildings’ interior. We saw different French-inspired setups and also some art. This plate wall especially caught my attention. We climbed up higher and higher on some spiral staircases and found the sky views quite beautiful. Here are some snapshots:


A short, but worthwhile time. We spent I think around 1.5 hours (definitely under 2 hours) img_3542there. It doesn’t really require a lot of time, just a lot of time to get there from the city. Kind of feeling like I want to visit France someday… 😉
Our last destination of the day was Garden of the Morning Calm, which I will be posting about next. 🙂

Until next time,



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