Busan: Winter

img_3164Hello everyone,

IΒ finally got myself sorted as far as getting old photos onto my computer, so guess what that means? I can finally post about my time in Busan last winter, which was February 2016. Little late, but hey, I’m working on it. πŸ˜‰

img_3187As a little bit of background knowledge, I was frustrated in trying to plan a trip outside of Korea. I always like to think big and I was eager to try new places like Hong Kong or Japan, but I was too amateur to realize how crazy of a time Lunar New Year is in Korea and other parts of Asia. It was too last minute for me to plan a trip and be within a reasonable budget. Going to Japan was going to cost almost triple the price! Discouraged, I asked a friend if she wanted to join me on going to Busan through a travel group, and so there we were, standing in the cold as it was snowing, waiting for our bus to arrive!


img_3435While waiting, we met a new friend (which I’m so glad we did as we are close friends to this day). We left on a Friday night, driving into the night (about six hours of driving). We then woke up to a beautiful sunrise to Haedong Yonggungsa Temple (해동 μš©κΆμ‚¬) which was such a nice, fresh breath of air. The sea was amazing and I was so happy I joined this group when I did.

img_3256img_3260After the temple, we continued on to Gamcheon Art Village and the fish market, which were very interesting. The village had many colorful buildings and was definitely a highlight from the trip. πŸ™‚

At the fish market, we saw many kinds of sea life and had some for ourselves. This was when I tried live octopus for the first time!
Not exactly tasty, but kind of a unique experience. It is quite squirmy and a slight cartilage feel when crunching down. We also had some raw fish, which was okay. I’m not exactly a seafood kind of person, but hey I gave it a shot. Soju was excellent at least! Live octopus and some raw fish are interesting to try, but even if you don’t eat anything, the fish market is at least interesting. It’s huge and lots to see.

img_3284Afterwards, we spent our evening near the coast, called The Bay. It was a very chill area with many restaurants and bars around img_3374where you can enjoy the evening as your please. We walked around, saw some bridges, and hung out in the windy cold! Before it got too dark, we managed to find Haeundae Beach and it was nice to see at sunset! I knew someday I would want to come back to this beach. Oh wait, I did come back!

Our nightlife was spent at some local bars and we drank, were merry, and slept only mere hours. Sunday would be full of more activity, which made Busan even more enjoyable. We started out our day doing some hiking, which is one activity I really love doing.img_3328








The last place we went to before heading back home on our long six hour journey was Taejongdae (νƒœμ’…λŒ€μœ μ›μ§€). Here are some of the beautiful sites we experienced:



img_3388Overall, I really enjoyed Busan, met some lifelong friends along the way, and experienced Korea not like I had before. I was really glad to make this trip when I did. Someday, I will go to Busan in the summer (now that I’ve experience winter and fall) and spend more time on the beaches and maybe the cliffs again. I really recommend visiting Busan at least once if you ever visit Korea. I’m currently trying to find the time to go there while my partner is here, but we haven’t made the time work out. Soon enough though! πŸ˜‰Β What are your highlights of Busan if you’ve been? Where do you want to visit if you haven’t been?

Until next time,



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