Taiwan Day 1: Eat, Drink, & Be Merry

Hi everyone,

12376508_10207120990521423_6544821311506802248_nWow, so almost one year later, I finally decided to post about my trip to Taiwan! This is the first day of 6, so be expecting more posts! Taiwan overall was really amazing mostly because we got to eat soooo much good food, did some shopping, experienced some cultural things, and drankΒ so much bubble tea as it originated from Taiwan!

12391394_10207123427782353_5477333649651562700_nOur journey to Taiwan started separate as the boy and I met in Taiwan since I was living in Korea and he was living in Malaysia. 1916686_10207124127719851_5697223298696988343_nLouis arrived a day early and I arrived on actual Christmas day.

Once we met, we immediately dropped off our bags and ventured out into the city. As far as transportation goes, we purchased a 5-day pass, which was super useful during our trip! I definitely recommend getting one if you’re staying 1931391_10207123429142387_7537375665196848876_nmostly in Taipei.

The first place we visited in Taipei was just the main shopping area along with the Red House. 11223847_10207124130239914_2662858014974442913_nAlthough it was under construction, parts of it was open, so we got to experience that (later on I found out a friend couldn’t visit because it was closed off?!).

1915016_10207124132879980_7062104340417304426_nMost of our time was just literally wandering around the city and looking at different shops & temples. This was my first time finding temples just in the middle of the city and among shops, 12391787_10207124134560022_4345347748686126539_nso that was interesting.

Once it started to get dark,Β we went ahead and visited Shilin Market (definitely recommend! We ended up going twice). Shilin Market is full of good street food, desserts, toys, souvenirs, and even games. Our eyes were so big seeing all of the delicious foods we wanted to try, but our stomachs couldn’t handle so much. 😦

We ended up eating some Taiwanese sausage (kind of sweet in flavor), stinky tofu (SO GOOD), exotic fruits, and of course, some bubble tea. Bubble tea started to become the theme as we drank it literally every day, seeking out the best bubble tea in Taiwan! We tried a few places that day, sharing them as we quickly realized how filling bubble tea really is. πŸ™‚

Our first day was a success with filled bellies, happy faces, and excitement for the rest of our holiday trip. We were loving Taiwan and of course, it made things a little easier having a partner that can speak Mandarin & Cantonese! πŸ˜‰

Until next time,

Jess (& Louis)


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