Taiwan Day 2: Pandas, Gondolas, & Street Performances

img_1545Hi all,

Surprisingly enough, Louis suggested going to Taipei Zoo. He has never ever suggested going to a zoo, but the idea of pandas struck him I guess! So off to the zoo we went!

img_1568We saw many animals, like you would in a zoo of course. There were many gardens throughout the zoo, which were quite nice to see, especially during the winter time!

img_1560Finally, we got in line to see what we intended to see: pandas! The line was quite long, but it did move along quite quickly as part of the line was actually seeing different glass rooms with the pandas in them. The pandas were really cute to see and kind of fun to try to find them as they hid really well. Maybe they were just shy!

I think this was the only time Louis would ever suggest going to a zoo, so I guess I cherished this brief moment? To be honest, I have mixed feelings about zoos, but that’s a blog post for another time.

img_1672Anyways! After the zoo, we wanted to see more of Taipei from above and decided to take the gondola, taking advantage of the day time we had and the convenience of it being close to the zoo.

View from the gondola.

The gondola was nice, although it was kind of a hazy / cloudy day, but still fun to see the city from above! The best part was the glass img_1700gondola, where you could see below your feet. I’m pretty scared of heights, but keep forcing myself to do things involving heights! 😀 This was one of those things.

Now, we mustn’t forget that we definitely came to Taiwan for good eats! We had all kinds of food throughout our time, like Taiwanese sausage (again…soo good!!!), some other meats, noodles, and vegetables. Gotta stay somewhat healthy, right? Well, we ruined that once we had more bubble tea (literally every day) and some ice cream in between. No regrets. 😀

To end our day 2, we walked around Taipei City and enjoyed seeing the sights. The weather was perfect for walking and we stumbled upon some things we rather img_1738enjoyed that night. One being the Taipei 101 img_1747Tower lit up and two being some street performers. They were damn good and we literally watched for over 30 minutes.

Day 2 was a success and we thoroughly enjoyed our day. It was nice to finally travel to a place which most people accomplish in a few days, stretched over a week. There was less stress to accomplish so much, which is more of Louis’ travel style compared to mine. In a way, I had a somewhat relaxing vacation in a city! Who would have known. 😛


Jess (& Louis)



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