Taiwan Day 5: Taiwanese Breakfast, Jade, and Hot Pot

12400803_10207208829397340_3145607981402243508_nHello everyone,

Get ready for yet another food post… we just could not stop eating during our trip, so here 12508914_10207208830757374_5012704668340873321_nwe go again! This time, we started out with a more traditional Taiwanese breakfast full of pastries and fresh soy milk, which were all delicious! The soy milk was definitely an acquired taste but we still really enjoyed it. 🙂

12507623_10207208842317663_4150142667803728210_n10313806_10207208841117633_7391535461828657305_nAfter being filled with pastries and soy milk, we
made our way to the National Palace Museum, which is the largest Chinese artifacts museum! This is where I wanted to see the jade cabbage but bad news… we arrived the day they moved it to another museum! I was so sad! We still made the most of our time and saw many artifacts in which they are known for. Nearby, we even found some gorgeous temples so it was all good! 🙂


1916335_10207208846317763_589970985254515364_n1917141_10207208844997730_7243330122305838204_nTo finish up our day, we wandered the streets of Taipei once again and were craving some hot pot. We finally found a place and it was so good! If you haven’t had hot pot before (or also known as shabu shabu), it is basically soup broth and different meats and vegetables. You add them into the broth and eat out of the pot once cooked. It is one of my favorite Asian dishes so I was super happy to have it once again (as it is difficult to eat it by yourself! 😛 ). As for dessert, we guzzled down some more bubble tea from our favorite place; no shame. 🙂 Another great day in Taipei, Taiwan! Day 6 is when we will be exploring a little bit outside of Taipei and get in touch with some nature. We love the city, but sometimes, we need the best of both worlds. 🙂

Until next time,

Jess (and Louis)


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