Taekbaek Snow Mountain Festival (태백산 눈축제)

Hi all!

It is still cold as ever here in Korea with the snow / ice sticking and harsh, dry air all around. I think this post will be pretty appropriate and maybe shed some light on winter not being just the absolute worst too bad. 😛

img_0980A few weeks ago, myself and some friend ventured off into the east side of Korea, looking to do some hiking an check out the ice sculptures! My friend is a Youtuber and you can check out her video here. 🙂

img_0014I have been to this festival last winter and really enjoyed it. I went with a friend and just bought a few bus tickets and went! This time around, we didn’t buy bus tickets but rather went with a travel group since it was cheaper. Big mistake. Little did we know that the timing would be so poorly organized. The guide was convinced that the bus ride would take only two hours. I glanced at my friend and we were like, no, it definitely takes more than three hours but okay… :/ Anyways, the bus ride was fine, although I started to get sick from the stuffiness.

img_0003img_0976Once we arrived, we were able to walk around and take photos of the sculptures. We stopped at a local cafe to warm up as it was quite winter this year and then headed out to find some crampons. We needed this for the hike and were determined to hike a little bit even though the tour guide said that we would only get two hours at the festival. Wow. A very short time for being in a bus for a total of 7 hours only to be at the festival for 2. We were all pretty disappointed about that, but it was still beautiful despite our circumstances. 🙂

img_0028Before heading out, we had a proper meal of some traditional Korean dishes and enjoyed it within the 15-20 minutes we had before getting onto our bus back to Seoul. Like I said, it wasn’t the best experience, but that was mostly due to being misinformed and rushes. It happens! Something to note for next time.

I have one more winter left in Korea and I am determined to do it right: stay longer than a few hours, hike to the top, and have plenty of rest the night before! Now that I have the crampons, I will definitely reach the top of this snowy mountain next winter!

Until next time,




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