Taiwan Day 7: Ending How We Started

Hi everyone,

img_2301img_2296This will be a quick post about our last day in Taiwan as we didn’t even have a full day with traveling apart and back to our homes (Malaysia & Korea). Our morning started out with going to the fish market and getting some very fresh seafood. We got sushi, soups, crab–basically an assortment of things. I think Louis enjoyed it much more than I did! 😉

Briefly, we went to a natural spa (no photos to post since I don’t have any kind of water resistant camera) and enjoyed the hot springs water. It was really refreshing and relaxing before round two and three of eating! 😉

img_2327img_2334We then spent our time outside wandering around the city and found ourselves at the night market we had visited earlier during our trip. We just couldn’t resist! The street food was too good and the city itself was easy to get lost into the shopping! A good last day it was. Taiwan is one of those countries that is small, but has a lot to see! I have yet to visit the southern part of Taiwan which I heard is very beautiful. Hopefully I can find my way there before I go back to America in 2018.




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