The Philippines Day 2: Best Waterfall, Worst Beach

Hello all!

img_8879We woke up fairly early as we had arranged a private tour to see Kawasan Falls, a place I’ve been obsessing over on Instagram and Pinterest. I knew I had to see it for myself while we were in the area! πŸ™‚

img_8979It started out with another jeepney ride for a good 20 -30 minutes before we got to the parking lot. Many people were haggling us, offering their services and we just declined. I got pretty good at this while living in Korea and can ignore people really well LOL. πŸ˜› Our driver then informed us that we needed to walk for a little bit to get to this waterfall. No problem. We walked along some windy paths and muddy spots with slipping potentials, but overall, it was fine and the anticipation was rising as we walked past some incredibly blue water!

img_9344img_9446Finally, we made it to what was an amazing view!! We were in awe looking at how blue the waterfall was. I was so happy to finally see it with my own eyes! As we sat down, some more locals convinced us to get onto a raft, which we were hesitant because there were no other people out into the water. We took this as a blessing though because we could get a lot of photos without people around. A brave couple started out first and got onto the raft going under the waterfall and getting the ‘water massage’the locals kept raving about. It was entertaining to watch and after some time, we warmed up and decided to get onto the raft ourselves!

img_9447The water was warm and just wow, so blue! My sister and I splashed around and got our water massage–that water was crashing hard! Pretty sure I mooned the raft guys oops…

Some parts of the water were deep so we stayed close to the edges as we didn’t have life jackets. A really fun morning swim! It wasn’t until we got out of the water and had to pay three times the amount they told us. Yeah, we got conned because they included fees like ‘lifeguard’ ,’per person’ , and ‘raft fee’. I was pretty annoyed about that especially since we didn’t have a lot of cash on us since we didn’t expect to pay so much. Either way, we didn’t let it spoil our day.

img_9002img_9012Once we finished our swim, we headed back to the hotel to eat some lunch and then head to a each nearby. Believe it or not, our wonderful sunny swim was disturbed by a massive rainstorm. Still determined to go as it let up, we got into the jeepney once again and went to a white sand beach. It looked like a resort so we weren’t able to sit anywhere unless we wanted to pay. We looked around us and just weren’t impressed. It was dark, the sand looked wet and matted, and the water seemed so gray. I’m sure it looks so much better on a nice day, we just weren’t lucky. Short on daylight and well, just overall rainy weather, we went back to our resort and checked out so we could be transported back to Cebu. This meant another 4 hour car ride.

We got into our resort and had a quick bite to eat before calling it a night as we had another early morning ahead of us to another island: Bohol!

Until next time,



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