The Philippines Day 4: Grand Farewell

img_9353Hi everyone,

Our last day in the Philippines was spent in grandeur as we woke up well rested and ready for some food–through room service! img_9363This was our first time doing a room service for our entire meal for five people three people. 😛 It was glorious waking up with food ready for us. We scarfed down just about everything and then relaxed, which included taking baths, full body massages, and relaxing by the gorgeous views / pools. It was not a bad way to spend our last morning in the gorgeous Philippines. Too bad it had to go by so quickly… we all agreed that four days and three nights was just not enough…


After basking in gloriousness, we were faced with the painful reality of needing to go back to where we came from. So long, Philippines… we really enjoyed our time.

Through my experience, I now am convinced that The Philippines is definitely a place I want to visit again. 🙂 I would love to visit more islands now that I conquered the fear I previously had of it being dangerous. Of course, proceed with those precautions you would have taken in any other place.

Really missing the nice sunshine and friendly people, especially these days while I work through this windy and cold winter here in Korea.

Until next time,



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