Geoje Island, Korea

IMG_1915Hi everyone,

Back in April, I joined a travel group and rounded up the Korea fam to also join me! It was for a weekend visiting Geoje Island and Jinhae. Since it was spring, cherry blossoms were blooming and for a very short time. As you may know, cherry blossoms only last a few weeks and then they die off. 😦 So we wanted to see them and enjoy them as long as possible.

IMG_2009IMG_1958Anyways, our first destination by charter bus was to Geoje Island. This island was better than expected! I honestly had never heard of it until the trip. It is known for being windy and having a windmill, which makes sense. πŸ˜€ The sky was spectacular with breezy, ocean smells.


The windmill was significant, standing strong and serving its purpose. We spent our time walking around the area and taking tons of photos. Like, so many. It was honestly difficult to pick out which photos to post. πŸ˜›




As the sun was setting, we found more opportunities to take photos. I felt calm and peaceful being here. Something about water just always calms me. The sunset was magnificent, slowly closing like it was a book of the sky. Mosquitoes started to bite, which was are cue to start heading towards our accommodation. Beautiful views for a beautiful day. ❀




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