Japan Day 3: Beaches & Cream

IMG_5008Hi all,

After suffering through all of the hot weather, we desperately needed a beach day. We slept in, well rested. We looked through a list of beaches online and decided on visiting Shika, kind of far out from Fukuoka. There was Katsuma Beach that looked decently easy to get to. It took more than an hour to get to the beach, but once we arrived, we were so happy to finally get into the water. It had beenΒ IMG_4990our first time getting into the water all summer. The water temperature was perfect! It was not too cold or warm. We splashed and swam around, feeling like kids again.

C swam to a buoy and I got touched by fish. :/ Freaked me out as it happened multiple times. So, I guess there were lots of fish in the area, but we couldn’t really see underwater without snorkeling gear. Some other people were snorkeling, shouting in Japanese probably about fish they could see? It was still fun being in the water and cooling off.

IMG_5013IMG_5020Even though it was overcast, it was still a nice sight to see. We enjoyed our time at the beach, washed off using the tap and water bottles (the showers were closed). We met a young family. They used as much English as they could and rinsed off, telling us the showers were closed. Their two little boys were so cute. They asked where we were from and after answering, we were off on our way.


IMG_5031Once we reached Fukuoka City, we decided to go to the shopping area called Gion. It was definitely more exciting and ‘happening’ here. There were a lot of people out and about, shopping stores were brightly lit, and we decided to do a little shopping ourselves.

IMG_5027After doing some shopping, we looked for a sushi restaurant as we hadn’t had any this trip. The first one we went to had a wait and then we discovered they did not have the conveyor belt we originally wanted to try. So, we left, feeling bad, but did find a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. We picked up plate after plate and even ordered a platter. The sushi was all right. Not the best, but it could have been worse. We were full but still wanted to end with something sweet, so off to Japanese McDonald’s we went!

IMG_5032We ordered some fries and soft ice cream, only realizing we found a Baskin Robbins after. We had to have BR. So ice cream round two it was! Of course, we had to order matcha flavor as it isn’t always easy to find!

Eating in silence, we enjoyed our flavors and were satisfied for the night. No more ice cream for us! LOL.

Everything was right in the world. We had seen great sights, ate good food, spent time at the beach, and got in our steps. It was really feeling like summer. A real summer where you weren’t inside all day, working, working, and working. We were doing something right. πŸ™‚




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