Japan Day 4: Temples & Parks

Hi everyone,

This was our last full day in Japan as we would be flying back the next morning. Some plans had to be shifted around, but overall was still a fulfilling last day. We started off wandering around our accommodation and found a small temple called Sumiyoshi. It was a nice, peaceful place to visit in the morning. the cicadas were singing their songs and it wasn’t crowded, which was nice for taking photos.

IMG_5110Conscious of the time, we started to travel towards Nanzoin Temple, which was advertised on a map we picked up a few days ago, so we wanted to see if it was worth the visit (it was). I’m quite surprised at how underrated it is. It was quite impressive and free!


We accidentally took the scenic route and found lots of greenery filled with stairs, shrines, and beautiful red structures. We ‘hiked’ in silence, enjoying the views. It is great for photo ops for those interested in visiting.

IMG_5122The reclining Buddha was pretty massive. It was rewarding to see it especially after all of those stairs! The color is bright and you can take photos of its feet (gold symbols on it). We had to take a break and got, you guessed it, green matcha ice cream. πŸ™‚ It was just what we needed at the time.


IMG_5137Once we left the temple, we made our way towards the beach along the coast. We found a restaurant that operates with the ticketing machines. We ordered some donkatsu with egg and mackerel. A fulfilling lunch! πŸ˜›


Unfortunately, the entire coast for the beach was blocked off! Every time we tried to make our way through, there were officials showing us ‘X’ symbols with their arms and guarding the entry for the beach. We continued walking, trying to find another entrance to no avail… there were either more officials or highway making it impossible to cross. We were so bummed missing out on the beach… so we had to improvise. We went into Robosquare briefly until we decided to visit Ohori Park, that way we were still near some water.

IMG_5194IMG_5201We made our way to the park easily. At this point, we were pretty tired and ready to call it a night, but we were persistent to make the most of our last day. We took some photos and gazed at the significance of modern and traditional. It made me stop and think while walking through this park.

IMG_5198Later, we went onto the swan boats and may have unknowingly raced a couple in another swan boat? πŸ˜€ It was great fun and the tiredness wore off (ha, ha). We continued to walk around, take last minute photos, and enjoy some frozen yogurt (discount from the swan boats!).

We had a wonderful trip to Fukuoka & Kumamoto. I feel like we had enough time to relax along with seeing a little bit of everything from beach to city, sushi to ice cream, and tram to plane. Japan is one of those countries I always find myself visiting over and over again. This will have been my third time since living in Korea and I have no regrets. I hope to visit Japan again someday and maybe learn some Japanese, myself!





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