Samcheok Sunday Funday

Hi all,

Here I go, catching up on all of my blog posts before I hermit and get some work done before my time in Korea ends. I have roughly three full months left in Korea and some things I’d like to accomplish include uploading photos, catching up on ALL blogging, and then log out of social media for a while. This is so I can take some time for myself to read every book in my apartment, study Korean more intensely, and work on professional things. Basically, I am trying to take a time out to focus on myself. I’ve been working so hard and focusing on my job to where I haven’t been focusing on myself, so now’s the time!


So back to this actual post…

To enjoy some of my summer and to take a break from the ridiculous amount of work, I had to take this day trip to Samcheok. I joined a travel group and went along with two other friends to see if the photos really were true. πŸ˜‰ Sometimes pictures look better than the actual place soooo…

IMG_4623Samcheok was a nice sight to see but where was the sand we saw in photos?! It was hard to find a place to lay out at as there were only rocks and concrete. After a few minutes sitting on some rock, C and I decided to do our kayaking and loved every minute of it (except when C got motion sick)! It was nice to work the arms and see through the kayak and what was below us. Very cool experience. πŸ™‚

Our day trip was just enough time to spend. I wouldn’t recommend spending more than a day trip here as there aren’t a lot of places to sit comfortably. But definitely nice to see and get into the water. πŸ™‚ Here are some photos of what you can see with your own eyes:





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