Overheard in New Zealand

As an Asian-American raised in the Midwest of America, I have heard (and seen) some interesting terms and phrases I don’t usually use but Kiwis do use. I will continue to add to this periodically, so be sure to check it out every so often! I hope you find it as interesting as I do!

  • Togs = swimsuits
  • Drinking chocolate = hot chocolate
  • Maths = mathematics, math
  • Cheers = type of response / goodbye
  • Rubbish = trash, garbage
  • Let me ring you = I’ll call you
  • How you going there = how’s it going, what’s up
  • Confectioneries, lollies = sweets, candy
  • Pardon = excuse me, what was that you said? Could you repeat that
  • Sweetas = awesome, cool, sweet, all right
  • Zed = the letter Z
  • Toilet = restroom, bathroom
  • Rubber = eraser
  • Ay = usually said at the end of a sentence
  • Piss, pissing = raining or drunk
  • Partner = boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife
  • EFTPOS = type of payment used in NZ
  • Tomato sauce = ketchup
  • Keen = used when describing positive desire / wants (i.e. are you keen to come to the movies?)
  • You reckon? = do you think so?
  • Choice = awesome, cool, sweet, etc.
  • Takeaway = used in a restaurant when asking if you want it to-go
  • Order / hire = similar to renting things like a car (i.e. order a car / hire a car)
  • Notes = paper money
  • Queue = waiting line (i.e. that’s a long queue)
  • Plat = braids
  • Physio = chiropractor services (i.e. I went to the physio today)
  • Family doctors = health services for minor injuries / issues
  • Jumper = jacket

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