Busan: Winter

Hello everyone, I finally got myself sorted as far as getting old photos onto my computer, so guess what that means? I can finally post about my time in Busan last winter, which was February 2016. Little late, but hey, I’m working on it. 😉 As a little bit of background knowledge, I was frustrated in … More Busan: Winter

Jeju Island Day 1: It’s What We Came Here For

Hello hello, Back at it again with those weekly blog posts! I had a wonderful past few weeks with my partner, Louis, visiting the country. So of course, whenever we have several days off together, we travel! Off to Jeju Island, South Korea we went! The start of our day was actually quite slow–doing laundry, packing, … More Jeju Island Day 1: It’s What We Came Here For

Japan: Day 2

Hi again! Onto Day 2 of Japan! If you haven’t read about Day 1, click here! We left off staying in Nagoya overnight with cool kimonos. 😀 We got up early to meet with one of my friends from back home as he was living in Nagoya! It was sooo good to see a familiar face … More Japan: Day 2

Japan: Day 1

Hello hello, Back in April, I mentioned a post about going to Japan. Well, that really did actually happen! Lemme tell you all about it! This will be Day 1 of 2, so keep your eyes out for a post following this one! My dear fran and I decided to go to Japan in April because … More Japan: Day 1