The Philippines Day 1: Hope You Like Early Mornings

Hello everyone, I’m pretty excited to share about our time in The Philippines! It was full of adventure, beauty, hospitality, some challenges, but overall wonderful beyond words. ๐Ÿ™‚ This was a country I never thought I would visit mostly because of safety factors and disinterest. Boy, was I wrong and glad I proved myself wrong! … More The Philippines Day 1: Hope You Like Early Mornings

Blogging Update

Hi all, So far, I’ve been pretty caught up on my blog posts as of recently. My goal was to post a blog post at least once a week. Up to date, this has been going well so far! I’ve even managed to post more than one a week! Now that I’ve gotten into a … More Blogging Update

Muuido Island

Hi all, Back in September, Louis and I visited Muuido Island to get in some nature, hiking, beach, and away-from-the-city time. Not wanting to travel too incredibly far, we figured Muuido Island would be prefect! It is on the west side of Korea and past Incheon. We have never been to Muuido but have heard … More Muuido Island

Busan – Fall

Hello all, Continuing from last week, we rode the bus from Jinju to Busan for the night. Our bus would arrive quite late, so we got semi-ready and washed up in the bathrooms. Onto Busan! This would be my second time visiting Busan, but during a different season. Last time I visited Busan, it was … More Busan – Fall

Jeju Island Day 1: It’s What We Came Here For

Hello hello, Back at it again with those weekly blog posts! I had a wonderful past few weeks with my partner, Louis, visiting the country. So of course, whenever we have severalย days off together, we travel! Off to Jeju Island, South Korea we went! The start of our day was actually quite slow–doing laundry, packing, … More Jeju Island Day 1: It’s What We Came Here For