Taiwan Day 2: Pandas, Gondolas, & Street Performances

Hi all, Surprisingly enough, Louis suggested going to Taipei Zoo. He has never ever suggested going to a zoo, but the idea of pandas struck him I guess! So off to the zoo we went! We saw many animals, like you would in a zoo of course. There were many gardens throughout the zoo, which were … More Taiwan Day 2: Pandas, Gondolas, & Street Performances

Muuido Island

Hi all, Back in September, Louis and I visited Muuido Island to get in some nature, hiking, beach, and away-from-the-city time. Not wanting to travel too incredibly far, we figured Muuido Island would be prefect! It is on the west side of Korea and past Incheon. We have never been to Muuido but have heard … More Muuido Island

Goodbye America!

Hi everyone! Wow, it sure has been a while since I’ve posted anything! I have been SO BUSY with getting my life together and I must say–I am SO CLOSE to my next chapter! After a LONG process of applications, job interviews, and a delayed visa process, I am thrilled to announce that I have … More Goodbye America!

Layover in China

Hi everyone! Goodbye was so hard, especially leaving my significant other. 😦 I left a big part of my heart in Malaysia, but with the direction of our lives, I had to come back to the USA. But before coming back to the US, I had a layover in Guangzhou, China! I’ve never been to … More Layover in China