Nine Month Update in Korea

Hi all,

img_4244Wow, so it wasn’t until a day or two ago when I realized: I’ve been living in Korea for nine months. I don’t want to keep repeating, “Time has gone by so quickly,” but it’s very true. Since my six month update, not a whole lot has changed. At this point I’ve become more refreshed (especially after my Australia trip), focused, and serious. With the realization of friends leaving and starting new chapters in their lives, I found myself forgetting that I have my own goals too and that time is so short. So so short.

img_5469I’m not really the type of person to share too much about my personal goals, but as a rough outline, I want to save money, continue to blog once a week, add more reading to my life, purchase some items, and exercise more often now that I have a new blender to make morning shakes! πŸ™‚ Shoutout to my friend for the lovely gift! I also have been putting off taking Korean more seriously, and so I have those kinds of goals as well. I guess these goals may sound similar to those I mentioned in my six month post, but they have become more specific (in my own outline) andΒ my motivation is in a good place.

img_5491My feelings here in Korea have shifted from, “I’m the foreigner,” to, “I need to make this my home and not play the ‘victim’ card to preventΒ myself from doing A, B, C.” Tomorrow is the start of many changes for me, which I should have started months ago, so cheers to that!

img_4370On a less serious note, I am continuing to enjoy my job with the kiddos and have been squeezing in some traveling too. πŸ™‚ I have a few more trips planned out before the end of 2016 so of course, I’m looking forward to those! Lately, I’ve been catching up with friends, Skyping back home, and starting my goals. Summer is just so dang hot here in Korea! Not only hot, but so so so humid. The humidity kills me… :/ I seriously cannot wait until fall time when I can throw on a sweater and leggings with cute boots. ❀

Until next time,



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